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Power Play: Here’s Why You Need a Power PantSuit in Your Wardrobe


I have a love-hate relationship with pantsuits and majority of the time it leans towards the latter. I wasn’t always like this though. About six years ago I wore a pantsuit to work nearly twice a week, then I had an “aha moment.” I realized some of my suits weren’t flattering and the others were all work, no play. But thank goodness for progress and a little bit of balance. I’m starting to get it right, this look included.

Style-Files-Merona-Women-Bi-Stretch-Twill-Straight-leg-classic-pant-Target-Merona-Women-Twill-Blazer-JustFab-Tayrey-red-fringe-sandals-forever-21-cutout-crop-top-oohlalablog-15 Style-Files-Merona-Women-Bi-Stretch-Twill-Straight-leg-classic-pant-Target-Merona-Women-Twill-Blazer-JustFab-Tayrey-red-fringe-sandals-forever-21-cutout-crop-top-oohlalablog-14


This pant suit is actually matching separates from Target, but I would never wear them separately. I wore the matching navy blue blazer and pants with a white cutout crop top from Forever 21.





I brightened up this look with fun accessories. I wore my favorite statement necklace and new JustFab Tayrey Fringe Sandals.

I wore a white thrifted Liz Claiborne purse and my new favorite lippie from MAC Cosmetics (flat out fabulous).



If you’re looking to add a suit to your wardrobe here are three things to keep in mind:

Color– I’m learning suits can be fun so go for a vibrant color. A popping pink or a bright blue would be a perfect color for a power pantsuit. Plus, the rich colors make it easy to style.

Fabric– Go for a comfortable fabric. Also consider a fun print. That’s my next venture. A printed suit would definitely step up my fashion factor.

Fit- This is by far the most important thing to keep in mind. An ill-fitted suit can ruin your look. The only time a boxy jacket is good, is if you’re going for the masculine look. Otherwise find a blazer that’s tailored. Make sure your pant legs aren’t dragging the ground. I know wide leg pants are in, but even those won’t drag the ground.




Hope these tips help! Meanwhile recreate my look with these pieces below :

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