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Flawless: Harper’s Bazaar UK Proclaims Lupita Nyong’o As The “New Face Of Beauty” In May 2015 Issue

Flawless-Harpers- Bazaar-UK-Proclaims Lupita-Nyongo-As- The-New-Face-Of- Beauty-In-May-2015- Issue

Lupita Nyong’o nails it once again! The Oscar award-winning actress is  Harper’s Bazaar UK  May cover girl. The magazine has proclaimed the “Star Wars Episode VII” actress as the “New Face of Beauty.”  It’s great to witness main steam media recognize another standard of beauty. Finally the world is catching on to what we’ve already known for years, every shade of brown is beautiful. Looking at Lupita’s cover shoot for the Harper’s Bazaar, it’s easy to understand why the Lancome ambassador  is considered the new face of beauty. Simply put, she’s flawless.  


Flawless-Harpers- Bazaar-UK-Proclaims Lupita-Nyongo-As- The-New-Face-Of- Beauty-In-May-2015- Issue-3

Inside Lupita posed in Louis Vuitton and Chopard  jewelery, while sporting her best accessory, a radiant smile.  It’s a smile to big and bright it becomes infectious.

For the May beauty issue, Lupita talks to  Sophie Elmhirst about the risks and rewards of her rise to fame. She opens up  about her new confidence. She’s so comfortable with herself she can now just cut loose and according to Elmhirst she did just that. The writer  said she could body-pops like a pro. Her’s an excerpt from her interview:

‘There was a time when I was afraid to dance,’ says Nyong’o. The shoot’s over, and we’re in an empty café on the top floor of the building. It’s dusk and you can see all of London, to the Shard and beyond, the lights coming on across the city. She has changed out of a full-throttle orange dress and into a black sweater and trousers, as though someone has turned down the volume. Her voice is low; the music’s off; the circus has packed up and moved on. ‘My older sister would dance with abandon,’ she continues. ‘She would do it to entertain. I was so mortified at the thought of wiggling my body in any direction. And I wrestled with myself, because I didn’t want to be so self-conscious. I wanted to be able to enjoy music and not care that I looked cute. I don’t know when something switched in my head, but I’m so glad it did, because I feel like dancing, and being able to enjoy one’s body for oneself is such a precious, precious thing. For yourself, you know?’ She pauses. ‘If this had happened to me at a time when I couldn’t dance – ha – my God, I think I would be way more of a wreck.’


Flawless-Harpers- Bazaar-UK-Proclaims Lupita-Nyongo-As- The-New-Face-Of- Beauty-In-May-2015- Issue-2

Read the rest of Lupita’s story now.  It’s available on newstands. [Harper’s Bazaar]

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