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Snag Her Style: Get Mary Jane Paul’s Milly Multicolor Sea Blossom Printed Skirt #BeingMaryJane

Get Mary-Jane -Milly Multicolor-Sea- Blossom-Printed-Skirt-BeingMaryJane-episode-4-season-2-milly-blue-sea-blossom-printed-stretch-neoprene-skirt-6


It’s only getting better. Each episode of “Being Mary Jane” makes me love the BET drama even more. Tuesday night’s episode was explosive. We find out that Mary Jane’s job is in jeopardy and Kara, her friend/producer has to keep quiet about the news. Yikes!

Get Mary-Jane -Milly Multicolor-Sea- Blossom-Printed-Skirt-BeingMaryJane-episode-4-season-2-milly-blue-sea-blossom-printed-stretch-neoprene-skirt-5

#OhNiecy! Mary Jane’s niece really wears out her welcome and crosses the line big time. M.J. is introduced to little Trayvion’s father in the most embarrassing way. Niecy was caught in M.J.’s bed with him. How could she? I was looking at the screen like, “Why Nicey?”

That incident takes the cake and Niecy and Mary Jane exchanged nasty insults. I’m talking major mud slinging. It was so bad Nicey called Paul Sr, her grandfather and M.J.’s dad to come and pick her up.

Outside the family drama M.J. is making ground on securing an interview with Sheldon, the successful attorney. He stopped by the news studio while Mary Jane was getting the best foot massage ever. Talk about awkward. It was during that scene that I spotted my favorite look of the night.

Get Mary-Jane -Milly Multicolor-Sea- Blossom-Printed-Skirt-BeingMaryJane-episode-4-season-2-milly-blue-sea-blossom-printed-stretch-neoprene-skirt-

Mary Jane’s work wear was on point. She showed Sheldon the news studio in a Milly Multicolor Sea Blossom Pencil Skirt that she teamed with a simple white tank.

Cute, right. Her work wardrobe is always on point. Can we say closet envy? Unfortunately M.J.’s skirt is sold out, but you can re-create her look with these looks.

What was your favorite look of episode four?

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