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Summer Beauty Guide: Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine Gives Tips on Staying Fabulous in the Summer Heat

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This 95 degree weather won’t allow me to be great! Sweeties, trying to beat the heat and keep my makeup in check are challenging during the summer months, but Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine gave us a few tips on staying fabulous, despite the brutal summer weather.  If you don’t  know who Sam Fine is “get yo life” and check his resume. Sam has been in the industry for more than 20 years and worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, and many more. In addition to that, Sam is the creative makeup director for Fashion Fair Cosmetics.

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Sam said the  best thing to do when it gets hot outside is to let your skin do what it does naturally and that’s glow. “Don’t try to be matte and perfect when your skin wants to be dewy. Use dewy foundations and illuminating products that bring out the natural glow in your skin, so you’re not spending all of your time fighting Mother Nature.”

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Sam also recommends  taking a two-step approach before applying your makeup. He said, “Use Clear Eyes® drops and a cooling eye cream under the eyes for about 30 minutes. This two-step approach will help to soothe the eyes, remove redness, de-puff and moisturize the area under the eye. ”

Sam, also suggests using concealer. “Concealer goes a long way whether you’re highlighting the eyes to bring them out or concealing a blemish. Set everything with a loose powder that you can whisk away for a seamless finish. And don’t forget the hard powder for necessary touchups during the hot summer heat!”

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Sams’ tips sound simple and I’m hoping it will make a major difference in my look for the rest of the summer and down here in the south that could be another two…or maybe even three months.

Let me know if this helps you any.

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