Reader Request: What Should I Wear to the Clubs in Las Vegas?

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Viva Las Vegas! Sin City is one the best places to visit if you’re down to party.  Enjoying the Vegas night life is exactly what one of our readers plan to do. She’s just looking for the right dress to punctuate her night of fun. Fly_Mommi reached out to us on Instagram asking that we find her the perfect dress to celebrate her birthday. She wrote, “Where can I find some after hour dresses for a trip to Vegas? Mama needs to do it up for her birthday. ” No problem! I created a few looks in case she’s feeling flirty, sexy, or she plans to make a statement.


Flirty Dresses


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Get exact look HERE


Oohlalablog-style-guide-what-to-wear-to the-club-in-las-vegas-2

Get exact look HERE

Shop more  flirty dresses below:


Sexy Dresses

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Get the look HERE

Oohlalablog-style-guide-what-to-wear-to the-club-in-las-vegas-


Get the look HERE

Shop more sexy dresses below:

Statement Dresses

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Get the exact look HERE

Shop more statement dresses below:

Happy shopping and I hope you have a great time in Las Vegas

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  1. Yes! I’m glad you like the looks. Can’t wait to see what you where.

  2. Shrese says:

    Thank you soooo much!! Ready to recapture my youth, lol!

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