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Magazine Fab: Michelle Obama for Vogue April 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama is making her second appearance on the cover of Vogue. Lady O first graced the cover back in 2009 and she’s re-emerging for the magazine’s April issue, which is expected to hit newsstands March 26th.  Inside Mrs. Obama discussed things like parenting, politics, and, of course, style!  Lady O said,  “If you’re comfortable in your clothes it’s easy to connect with people and make them feel comfortable as well.” This is why I call her First Lady of Fashion and a Fab! Check out the First Lady’s shoot, where someone special also makes an appearance in the issue. 

Mrs. Obama cuddled with her husband and President of  the Unites States, Barack Obama. She’s wearing  a Reed Krakoff sheath dress from her closet.

Lady O posed in the Red Room of the White House in a Michael Kors sweater and ball skirt.


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