Celebrity Style, Real or Steal


Looky, Looky, Giuseppe Zanotti may have some cheaper competition. The inexpensive brand, Qupid Finder has a pair of platform wedges that’s almost identical to Giuseppe Zanotti black and white striped wedges. Those wedges were a fan favorite for many celebrities, especially Keri Hilson.

It’s obvious which pair of wedges are the REAL DEAL and which is the STEAL, but for fun let’s play the guessing game. Guess which pair of wedges are $29 and the other that’s $695. Find out if you’re right

If you guessed the shoes on the left as the STEAL, you’re right!  These black and white stripe wedges are from the inexpensive brand , Qupid Finder. These are  Qupid Finder -53 black striped wedges and they feature an ankle cuff , peep toe, and stitching accents.   The best part of all the wedges are only $29.

The wedges on the right are the REAL deal. These Giuseppe Zanotti wedges also feature a thick cuff at the ankle and a beyond bold, super-high striped platform wedge heel. These wedges are $695.

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