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Nicki Minaj takes a step back from all the  gimmicks  and shows the world  she can  rock high fashion like the best of them. Nicki Minaj shows off her upgraded look on the pages of Glamour Magazine’s October issue. In her fashion feature Nicki wore some of fall’s hottest trends, which include stripes, bright bold reds, and of course Dolce and Gabbana signature Fall/Winter 2011 star print. Now Nicki is still staying true to her unpredictable and corky style in this feature ,she’s just not over the top with it. She wore her blond bob wig and hot pink lipstick. Those touches were perfect because it wasn’t competing with ice cream necklaces or a stuffed animal  purse.  Get a closer look at Nicki Minaj feature and find out her  fashion philosophy.

Nicki Minaj tells Glamouur Magazine , “In my downtime, I’m the most low-key person in the world.”  We find that hard to believe, nothing about Nicki is low-key.

While Nicki likes to be low-key in her down time, that’s the complete opposite when she’s partying or hitting the red carpet. Nicki  tells Glamour, ” “I love booties. I feel more comfortable and sexier walking in them.”  Me too Nicki, ain’t nothing like a MEAN heel!

Nicki also tells the magazine she’s inspired by color and loves accessories. The pop star said, “Accessories really make an outfit. I just feel more made-up with them on.”

The issue hits stands September 6th.


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