Friday Favorites: Olay Fresh Effects Skin Care Products are My Favorite Summer Beauty Buys

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-7

When I hit 30 my skin started to rebel as if it dreaded the day it entered the next decade. I would constantly get breakouts in face, which was a first. Dark spot after dark spot. Then the following Christmas after my 30th birthday my sister gave me a gift filled with Olay products including several from the Olay Fresh Effects Line.

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-11

I tried the products from the Regenerist Collection first thinking it would suit me best because I was 30 and mature. I figured that line of products was for older women and seeing that I was getting older I gave it a shot. Needless to say I loved it, but I didn’t repurchase because some of the products were on the pricey side, plus I still had more Olay products to test out. So that’s when I tried the Olay Fresh Effects line of goodies and was completely blown away. Originally I was hesitant because it seemed like something for teenie boppers and not a 30 year old. Well, I’m glad I got over my resistance because here we are two years later and the products are still apart of my beauty regimen. Here are a few of the products that I love and are absolute favorites:

Fresh Effects (S’Wipe Out!) Refreshing Makeup Removal Cloths

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-2


I never thought I would find anything that would remotely come close to Neutrogena Makeup remover cloths,  but boy was I wrong. The Fresh Effects Makeup Removal Cloths take away all of my makeup with just one cloth (front and back). I’ve read reviews that said the towelettes were dry, but that’s not the case for me. The cloths are super moist, not oily. Each one is infused with honeysuckle and white tea. I wear lots of makeup and even my pesky mascara comes off. Price: $ 4.49

Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away Cleanser

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-12


The Fresh Effects Shine , Shine, Go Away Cleanser has the consistency like a mask, but it’s light enough to use everyday as a cleanser. It’s super smooth and rinses right off. It’s formulated with kaolin clay to help minimize shine, so it’s perfect for my oily sisters. I use this cleanser in the morning as my everyday go-to. Price: $5.99 Just learned this product has been discontinued but you can possibly rack up like I did at your neighborhood Big Lots Store where the products are going for $3 a pop. Other Recommendations: Olay recommends Fresh Effects Bead Me Up Exfoliating Cleanser , which I also used before and love it as well. It’s my next alternative when I can’t find Shine, Shine Go Away at Big Lots . It also retails for $5.99.

Olay Fresh Effects Out of This Swirled Scrub

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-3


The Swirled Scrub on the other hand is something I use at night to wash the day away. It’s a deep pore cleanser and exfoliating scrub in one. Just splash your face with water then lather the scrub in your hands and apply to your face. The cleanser lifts the dirt while the microbeads helps reduce the appearance of pores. Last December, President Barack Obama signed a bill that bans microbeads, because the beads made of plastic could potentially harm to the environment. That’s a bummer for my products, like my exfoliator. Honestly I feel that my face hasn’t had a good scrub unless those beads are somewhere in the mix. Am I alone?

Price: $6.99 , mine was slightly cheaper at $3 from Big Lots


Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over Hydrating Gel

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-5


So my face is clean and I feel refreshed, the next thing I do is apply one of two moisturizer that l love from this line of products. At night I typically apply the Fresh Effect Dew Over Hydrating Gel over my dark spot overnight peel. It’s lightweight but deeply moisturizers my skin without clogging my pores. I love this moisturizer even more during summer months because it’s so light weight. Price: $12.99 This product is discontinued, which is a super bomber. You can possible find the product at your local Big Lots for $6 like I did.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture

Friday-favorites-Fresh-Effects-SWipe-Out- Refreshing-Makeup-Shine-Shine-Go-Away  -Cleanser-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Out-of-This-Swirled-Scrub-Olay-Fresh-Effects-Dew-Over-Hydrating-Gel-Olay-Fresh-Effects- Long- Live Moisture-Oohlalablog-4


Another great moisturizer is the Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion . It’s not the kind you use for your body, but designed specifically for your face and neck. It’s a combination of a gel and a lotion combined with essence of honeysuckle and white tea. It’s keeps your skin hydrated all day, which is why I use this as my main moisturizer during the day.

Price: $7.23 at , I paid $5 at Big Lots


Have you tried the Olay Effects collection? Tell me about it in the comments.


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