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Make Up Bag: The MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collections for Summer 2014


MAC -x- Sharon- Kelly- Osbourn-Collections- for-Summer-2014-9

It’s been a minute since I wanted a complete collection from MAC, but the beauty brand’s recent collaboration with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne has changed that. The two-part collection, which is set to release in stores on June 12th and online June 2nd is encased in limited-edition packaging inspired by the duo’s signature red and violet color palettes.

The packaging coordinates with hair color of this mother-daughter duo. Sharon’s swanky packaging is decorated in red , while Kelly’s is in a pretty lavender color.


MAC -x- Sharon- Kelly- Osbourn-Collections- for-Summer-2014-8

Sweeties, I’m seriously gushing over every eyeshadow quad, every lip glass, and every lipstick. Once you see this collection, we’re sure you’ll feel the same way. And we have the first look. Check it out, it’s pretty amazing

M.A.C  X Kelly Osbourne




“Lipstick: Strip Poker “





Lipstick: “Riot House”




Lipstick: “Kelly Yum-Yum”






Lipstick:”Dodgy Girl”



Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Bloody Brilliant Eyeshadow Quad

“Bloody Brilliant Eyeshadow Quad”


Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo

“Morning Mister Magpie Brow Duo”



Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Jolly Good -Mineralize-Skinfinish Duo


Mineralize Skinfinish Duo: “Jolly Good”



Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Cheeky Bugger-Peach-brown-blush-

Powder Blush: “Cheeky Bugger”


Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Jumbo Penultimate -Rapidblack-True black-

Jumbo Penultimate: “Rapidblack”

Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-In Synch-Lip-pencil-

Lip Pencil: “In Synch”

Kelly-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Eye Kohl-Smolder-

Eye Kohl:”Smolder”


M.A.C. X Sharon Osbourne







Lipglass: “Bijou”



Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-French Kiss-Patentpolish Lip Pencil-

Patentpolish Lip Pencil:”French Kiss”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Patentpink-Patentpolish Lip Pencil-

Patentpolish Lip Pencil:”Patentpink”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Ruby-Patentpolish Lip Pencil-


Patentpolish Lip Pencil: “Ruby”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Innocent-Patentpolish Lip Pencil-

Patentpolish Lip Pencil:” Innocent”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Duchess Eyeshadow Quad

“Duchess Eyeshadow Quad”



Mineralize Skinfinish Duo: “Refresh”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Peaches- Cream

Powder Blush: “Peaches & Cream”



Lip Pencil: “Cranberry”

Sharon-Osbourne-Mac-Cosmetics-Powerpoint Eye Pencil-Bountiful Brown Brown rinsed with bronze

Powerpoint Eye Pencil:”Bountiful Brown”


Sweeties, what do you think of the collection?

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