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Trend Alert: Caviar Nails

Hey Sweeties,

Check out my latest article for Cluth Magazine :

Long gone are the days of a basic manicure. Now its all about nail art and luxury nails. The latest nail trend is Ciaté’s caviar nails, a collection of tiny glass beads sprinkled over wet nail polish for a 3-D textured effect.

A London-based company is helping beauty enthusiast create a luxury look with ease. The Ciaté caviar manicure set comes in three colors– rainbow, black pearls, and mother of pearl.

The kit is available at Sephora and for $25.

Here’s how it works:

-Apply two coats of polish to your nails.
-Place your hand over the included tray and pour the beads on top of your nails.
-Gently tap your fingers to remove excess beads.
-Add a top coat.

You can read the post and so much more at

P.S. $25 is pretty pricey for a nail kit, but it may be worth the splurge. If not you can always make it a DIY project.

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  1. Dione Smith says:

    I loved this when I saw it but my friend bought it and she said it looks great for the moment but the beads come off pretty eaily..I recommend doing more than one top coat or maybe even trying nail glue as a top coat

    1. Pretty Price says:

      Thanks for the tip!!!!

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