Life & Style: Tuskegee University’s Homecoming 2017

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Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-2



I’m fresh off another amazing Tuskegee University Homecoming and let me tell you, LIT is an understatement. Think of the livest family reunion, party, and best football game you’ve ever attended. That’s about equivalent to a Tuskegee University Homecoming.



Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-6 Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-5 Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-4

Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-3


Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-


Style-files-shein-Calico-Print-Contrast-Trim-Belted-Maxi-Kimono-Missguided-Peace -Love Nude-Pearl-Strap-Heels-forever21-black-pencil-skirt-forever-21-black-faux-leather-bralette-Tuskegee-university-young-alumni-atlanta-party-oohlalablog-2


You reconnect with the friends you now consider family. You party to your feet get sore. You eat the best BBQ or fish plate, while cheering on the football team and getting super hype with the band.

More importantly, Homecoming is a reminder that Tuskegee has produced some of the most successful young black professionals around the world and I know them. I’m connected to some amazing black women who are truly shinning out here!

Since moving back home a year ago, I’ve made it an effort to participate in some form of Homecoming festivities. This year I made it out to the young alumni party and danced my life away. Of course, I did it in style. It’s always a fashion show at any HBCU.

I wore a Calico Print Contrast Trim Belted Maxi Kimono from As soon as I walked in, someone yelled, “I see you in the Dolce & Gabbana.” Ummm, not quite, but it’s cute though.

I teamed this statement piece with faux leather bralette I scored from Forever 21, last summer. The skirt was also a Forever 21 find that I bought back during my Rochester days.

I finished the look with the baddest shoes that are currently in my closet. OMG these Missguided pearl embellished ankle strap sandals from its Peace and Love Collection are all types of gorgeous!

Do you love my party look? Recreate it with the pieces below:


Outfit Details:
Kimono:, get it HERE
Skirt: Forever 21 (old), get a similar one HERE and HERE
Top: Forever 21 (old), similar HERE
Heels: Missguided, get them HERE

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