Work Wear: Bisou Bisou Yellow Lace Sheath Dress

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 · No Comments

bright-yellow-Bisou-Bisou-short-sleeve-lace sheath-dress-


Alabama’s weather is absolutely wonky! One day it’s 85 degrees the next you’re dressed in a winter coat. So crazy? I know. I’m living it right now. I try to take advantage of the warmer days though by wearing bright colors.  If I embrace the  sunshine hopefully it will stick around. That’s my mantra for now. It’s not working, but I sure do look cute.

bright-yellow-Bisou-Bisou-short-sleeve-lace sheath-dress-3

And helping me achieve this cuteness and dab of chicness was this bright yellow Bisou Bisou short-sleeve lace sheath dress. Fab, right? I wore this figure-flattering number to work and I think it was office appropriate .

I paired the dress with my nude pumps from lulu’s.

I wore this dress on a breaking news type of day. It was a shooting at a high school. We broke into programming and was live from about 3pm until 4pm and then back again for the 5 and 6 O’Clock newscast.


bright-yellow-Bisou-Bisou-short-sleeve-lace sheath-dress-2

Needless to say I ditched those heels early and threw on my slip on sneakers to chase people down for interviews. Glad I looked  put together on the outside because inside I was a frazzled mess.  My nerves were shot, but I pulled it all together.

Fortunately no one was injured in the shooting and I was able to deliver a great live shot in style. Just another day in the office. Are you getting your work wardrobe ready for the spring?



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