Style Files: Dear Summer, I Miss You

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 · No Comments



Dear Summer,

I miss you.

Seriously, I really, really miss you. The sun is out and shining brightly against my brown skin, but the wind is whipping me like I’m in a street fight. It’s brutal.





Let’s not even begin to talk about the low temperatures. It’s 42 degrees in April for goodness sake. Although the all white gave me a taste of summer, it’s not the real thing.  I’m wearing a fur , turtleneck, and an over coat. No bueno. I wish I could ditch it all for a tank. We’re 81 days away from summer and I can’t wait another day. But the local meteorologist says we should expect snow in Sunday. No ma’am. I’m over it dot com.






I miss long days and warm nights. I want to let my sunroof back and blast my favorite song.  I want to wear sexy sandals. I want to drink a slushie in a sundress and not in gloves and a parka. I want 80 or even 90 degree days. I want summer.




Summer, I miss you.




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