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InstaStyle: Beyonce’s Instagram Criminal Damage Leopard Print White 91 Sweater, Red leather Pants, and Ron Bass’s “In My Mind” Snapback Cap

Beyonce is giving us another Instagram photoshoot.  The  Pepsi Spokeswoman styled on her favorite social media site  in a relaxed  look. With her head down, Bey posed in a  Criminal Damage Leopard Print White 91 Sweater , red leather pants, and laced up flats.

Bey’s boyfriend style sweater features a bold leopard print logo.

Bey’s standout piece is her printed snapback cap.  Taking a cue from her hubby Jay Z, Beyonce also sported a Ron Bass custom made Snapback cap. Jay Z rocked  his hat to the Miami Heat game last week.

Unfortunately, Bey’s hat isn’t available on his site yet, but there are other noteworthy pieces.  Check it out HERE.

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