Style Files: Color Crushing

Thursday, April 16, 2015 · No Comments


Do you remember when I told you ladies I wanted to take more risks in life, well that also included my closet.I’ve been making bolder style choices and I make no apologies about it. Playing it safe gets you no where and I’m starting to notice that blending in so blah. So when I decided to try a monochromatic look I skipped the traditional route and tried a bolder approach. And nothing says bold like a head-to-toe red look. Continue Reading »

Life + Styles: “You’re The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right”

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 · No Comments

The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-   Let’s get this out of the way first, I’m a game show fanatic. My favorites are “Wheel of a Fortune,” “Family Feud,” and “The Price is Right.” As you can imagine “The Price is Right” is at the top of that list. I was made for this show, hence the name. I watched the show as a kid and I finally had my chance to be a part of it… Well, sorta kinda. “The Price Is Right – Live Stage Show made its way to Rochester and I was front and center. Continue Reading »

Tech Talk: No More Text Regrets With New App That Lets You Take Back Text Messages

Saturday, March 28, 2015 · No Comments
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street-style-phones-No More Text Regrets With New App That  Lets You Take Back Text Messages

How many times have you regretted pressing “send” on that text message? We’ve all been victims of auto correct or simply wished we never texted that person in the first place. Sweeties, text regret is real, but there’s an app that’s helping us clean up our texting tragedies.28-year-old Maci Peterson, created “On Second Thought,” an app that promises to undo our texting mistakes with a simple swipe. Continue Reading »

True Life: I’m Obsessed With My Little Black Tee

Thursday, March 26, 2015 · No Comments

Style-files-Pretty-Price-Black -Moto-Jacket-Michael Kors-Silve-heel-PumPs-Thrifted-Skirt-Oohlalablog-6


Confession: I’m absolutely,  positively , without a doubt obsessed with my little black tee. Not just one little black tee, I have a stock pile. The t-shirts are typically fitted, but occasionally I’ll pick up a more relaxed fit t-shirt. I have them in long ,short, and even cap sleeve. Here’s the extent of my obsession , if I’m out shopping and can’t find anything,  I’m definitely leaving with a black tee. I can’t help it. The little black tee is the perfect basic. Continue Reading »

Style Files: Living Fearlessly

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No more playing it safe. That’s what I told myself a year ago. I promised myself that I would push boundaries and have more fun in every aspect of my life.This was my New Year’s resolution in 2014. I was so sure I would stick with it, I even wrote about here on Ooh La La Blog. It’s something about a public announcement that puts the pressure on you to stick to your word. Continue Reading »

Life + Styles with Pretty Price: How You Doin’ Rochester

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I’ve been in Rochester nine months and I still plug every destination into my GPS. Pathetic huh? It’s my lifeline folks. It’s a devastating feeling to get lost in unfamiliar territory. My goal is to get acquainted with my new home.To be sure of it, I’ve challenged myself to try three new things in Rochester every month. Continue Reading »

Life + Styles with Pretty Price: Wegmans LPGA Championship Practice Round

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Life-Styles-with-Pretty- Price-Wegmans-LPGA- Championship-Practice-Round-3


I know nothing about golf, but I found myself having a great time Tuesday when I made my way down to the Wegmans LPGA Championship Practice Round in Pittsford, NY at the Monroe Golf Club. Pittsford is an upscale suburb of Rochester , NY. The town has also played home to the LPGA for many years. Now that we’re down with the geography and history lesson, here’s more about my fun filled day. Continue Reading »

Style Files with Pretty Price: Forever 21 Bodycon Dress, Aztec Fringe Kimono, Just Fab “Paean” Seafoam Ankle Strap Heels

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 · 2 Comments

StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-

I’ve been in Rochester for nearly six months!!!!! I can’t believe it either.I still remember driving up through the rain and sleet and spending my first Christmas alone. UGH! Fast forward to June; I’m learning my way around the city (thanks Google Maps), I’ve found a hair salon, and a gym.I even found a nice little lady to wax my eyebrows flawlessly. That was priority RED! Continue Reading »