Family Affair: Kelly Rowland Debuts Son Titan Jewell On The Cover of Essence

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Kelly-Rowland-Debuts-Son-Titan-Jewell-On-The-Cover of-Essence- April-2015-2


Can we say cuteness overload?  Kelly Rowland‘s four month old son Titan Jewell is absolutely adorable. He’s a perfect mix of his beautiful mom and handsome dad, Tim Witherspoon. Kelly held her son, while Tim looked at the two so affectionately for the April cover of ESSENCE. Continue Reading »

Picture Perfect: Lupita Nyong’o Shines Bright For Paris Match Magazine

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Lupita Nyong'o Shines Bright For Paris Match Magazine


Lupita Nyong’o  is pure perfection. The Kenyan beauty is serving major slayage as she glides off the pages of  Paris Match Magazine. The Oscar award winning actress is draped in head-to-toe red, while posing in font of a beautiful city scape.   Famed photographer, Alexi Lubomirsk captured Lupita’s  flawless beauty atop of the Intercontinental Hotel in Times Square . All of this fabulousness is for her new Lancôme ads, which were created specifically for the magazine. Lupita was named Lancôme‘s beauty ambassador last year. Gorgeous!

Image: Alexi Lubomirsk instagram

Magazine Fab: Kerry Washington Is Flawless For Marie Claire April 2015

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Kerry Washington Is Flawless For Marie Claire April 2015-3


Kerry Washington has an effortless beauty. I love that her glam isn’t  glaring, but subtle and soft. Talk about epitome of effortless chic. The Scandal star’s beauty is on full display in the April issue of Marie Claire.

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Snag Her Style: Get Mary Jane Paul’s Roksanda Ilincic Wyatt Pleated Crepe Dress #BeingMaryJane

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 · 1 Comment

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-15


It’s no denying it, the writing for this season of “Being Mary Jane”  has been phenomenal. So many taboo social issues are being brought to the forefront and I love it. In Tuesday night’s show Mary Jane takes on mental illness after the episode opens up with a black attorney committing suicide on national television.

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Ooh La La TV: Empire Highest Rated Network Drama in Five Years

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Empire-2015-Photo-Shoot-entertainment-weekly-Empire Highest Rated Network Drama in Five Years-2

Sing it with me,”She make that thang go drip drop, drip drippity drop.”

OMG, Empire is my favorite show right now and seems like I’m not alone. For the seventh consecutive week viewership has increased. Ratings are rising in an unprecedented way.

Nearly 14 million people tuned in Wednesday night to check out “Cookie and Luscious Lyons” and all of their family drama. Continue Reading »

Snag Her Style: Get Mary Jane Paul’s Milly Multicolor Sea Blossom Printed Skirt #BeingMaryJane

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Get Mary-Jane -Milly Multicolor-Sea- Blossom-Printed-Skirt-BeingMaryJane-episode-4-season-2-milly-blue-sea-blossom-printed-stretch-neoprene-skirt-6


It’s only getting better. Each episode of “Being Mary Jane” makes me love the BET drama even more. Tuesday night’s episode was explosive. We find out that Mary Jane’s job is in jeopardy and Kara, her friend/producer has to keep quiet about the news. Yikes! Continue Reading »

Snag Her Style: Mary Jane Paul Sizzles in Christopher Kane Cut Out Pencil Dress #BeingMaryJane

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Mary Jane Paul Sizzles in Christopher Kane Cut Out Pencil Dress #BeingMaryJane-13


We’re already three episodes into the second season of “Being Mary Jane “ and I’m enjoying every bit of it. This season is highlighting  more hard-hitting real life issues . From tackling a news story  on human sex trafficking to guiding Niecy on a weight loss journey, Mary Jane has been busy. And of course Mary Jane‘s  love life is still in shambles (in a MAJOR way). Despite all that’s going on in M.J.‘s life she’s managed to navigate through it  all in style. I’m still drooling over her blush pink Barbara Bui vest and tuxedo style pants, but it was Mary Jane‘s sexy Christopher Kane Cut Out Pencil Dress that stopped me in my tracks. Take a look, you will feel the same way. Continue Reading »

Style Files: This Snow Won’t Let Me Be Great

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Army Fatigue Coat-black-Faux-fur-coat-distressed-jeans-sam edelman-uma-booties, royal-blue-beanie-2


Are you surviving this winter? Barely.


I’m so over winter! It’s like the guy you gave your number to in the club  just to get him out of your face and now he won’t go away. Ugh. I wish this knee deep snow and  subzero temps would please go away. Just when I was telling everyone this winter wasn’t as bad as last year, Mother Nature reared her ugly head. This month is going down as the coldest February in the city’s history. Continue Reading »