First Look: Rihanna’s “RiRi Hearts M.A.C.” Complete Holiday Collection

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If you didn’t grab your RiRI Woo back in February, you will get the chance once again The shade of lipstick will be re-released as a art of Rihanna and M.A.C.’s Holiday collection. Also included in the collection are eyeshadow, mascara,lip gloss, and eyeliner. Take a look. Continue Reading »

Beauty Buys: M.A.C. Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid, Pro Longwear Concealer, and Rebel Lipstick

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I’ve been wanting to try a liquid foundation for the last year now,but I’ve  chickened out so many times. After months of convincing myself and finally being fed up with my powder foundation I made the switch. Going from powder to liquid was the best makeup move I’ve made in a longtime.  What was I waiting on? This overall look is more polished and its definitely TV camera approved. I purchased M.A.C. Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid.  I was torn between the Fix Fluid or the Pro Longwear. Per the advise of the make up artist I went with the Fix Fluid and so far so good. Plus, I read several reviews about the Pro Longwear and I think the Fix Fluid will serve me needs best. Continue Reading »

Summer Beauty Guide: Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine Gives Tips on Staying Fabulous in the Summer Heat

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beauty-tips-for-beating-the -heat-makeup-tips-4

This 95 degree weather won’t allow me to be great! Sweeties, trying to beat the heat and keep my makeup in check are challenging during the summer months, but Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine gave us a few tips on staying fabulous, despite the brutal summer weather.  If you don’t  know who Sam Fine is “get yo life” and check his resume. Sam has been in the industry for more than 20 years and worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, and many more. In addition to that, Sam is the creative makeup director for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Continue Reading »

Sweet or Sour?: Beyonce Debuts New Short Pixie Cut

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Hold on while I get my life,  because Beyonce just snatched it right out of me. Beyonce went from long and luscious to “short hair, don’t care.” Bey debuted the new look on Instagram last night. Continue Reading »

Style Guide: Try a “Doing It Yourself” Manicure

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If you want to avoid the trip to the nail salon, try an at home manicure. It’s simple and the results are worth the effort. I’ve been painting my own nails since I was teenager, so DIY mani’s are an every weekend kind of deal for me. Continue Reading »

Style Guide:Get Inspired By Kelly Rowland’s Style in “Kisses Down Low”

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I’ve always said Kelly Rowland has a face that allows her to pull off several hair styles. In her new video, ” Kisses Down Low”, we get a glimpse of how deep her styles can range. Ms.Kelly gave us a bright red crop cut then went retro with a new twist to the pompadour. If you’re looking for a new ‘do’ check out Kelly’s look from her latest video and get inspired by her style choices.  I’m warning you though, some looks are BOLD!

Continue Reading »

VIDEO::Style Files: My Favorite Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

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Painting my nails has always been relaxing for me. I’ve been painting my own nails for so long that I now have a pretty extensive collection. I thought I would show you some of my favorite fall and winter colors. As I mentioned in the video, some of these colors I’ve had for quite some time and other polishes are relatively new. Swatches and video after the jump. Continue Reading »

Healthy Hair Journey: Goodbye Weave, Hello Natural Hair

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If you follow Ooh La La Blog on Twitter then you know I recently removed my weave for GOOD! It was so hard to say goodbye to my long, bone straight, and manageable hair. I’m not kidding at several points through the process I wanted to turn back and get this hair sewn up again, but I stuck to my guns. So I removed the weave, now what am I suppose to do? I can’t wear my hair curly because I’m suppose to look polish on air and big curls aren’t necessarily the polished  look they expect to see on the 6 O’clock news.  So I spent my entire Saturday trying to get my hair camera ready.  Keep in mind I’m relaxer free and have been since February 2010. Check out my process. I tried to document as much as I could. Continue Reading »