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Style Files: Pretty in Pleats


It’s finally February! I thought we would never climb out of January’s wicked wrath. It dragged on forever. Plus, there were crazy weather woes. We’ve had spring showers, balmy fall mornings, and bitterly cold winter days. Talk about confusing, right? This made it difficult to determine what to wear. But on this day, February 1st, I decided to twirl in the perfect pleated skirt.



The high today is 62 degrees. Cool enough for this leather jacket and turtleneck but warm enough to sashay in a skirt. Let’s spend a second basking in this beautiful skirt. It’s decorated with winter florals so it’s great for the season.

I added some edge to this look with my lace up boots from Nasty Gal and my ‘OG’ Moto Jacket from Forever 21.

Love the look? Recreate it with these pieces I’ve found below:




Before I leave you, I wanted to make sure you’re feeling the same way I am, when I say January felt like the longest January ever.

It felt like the month had 16 weeks and not four. Honestly, I get this feeling every year. Don’t know why January continues to drag out. Good news, it’s over. Let’s use the start of February as goal check-in. Hopefully you’re still sticking with your goals. Are you eating right? Exercising often? What about saving those coins?

If you haven’t, don’t get too down about. Try again this week and the week after. It’s never too late to get serious about your life.

Fashionably yours,

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