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Life + Style: Chapter 34 , A Year of Growth and Grace

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It’s JDay! It’s my birthday,an opportunity to reflect on the past year of my life and repair anything that needs a little TLC, in order to make this year of life, my best.

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Reflecting, on the past year, having peace of mind or positive energy was imperative. These were things that were non negotiable. Positive vibes or you have to go. In doing so, I had to make sure I brought positive energy into the lives of others. It’s a two way street. I wasn’t perfect in this effort but I recognized when I wasn’t and quickly found my inner peace so I could exude that back to the universe.I will continue this quest for a peaceful and positive life in my new birth year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with who I’ve matured to be. I’m more confident in myself and my decisions than I’ve ever been. I’m definitely more understanding, forgiving, compassionate, and patient. I love the growth I see in myself. My mind is clear, and my soul is settled. It took me a while to get to place where I’m confident, full of self-love and I finally removed so much self-doubt. But fear continues to linger.

Moving forward this year , I want to rid myself of overwhelming fear. I think it’s perfectly fine to be nervous and scared by a few things, but the key is to make sure all of your decisions aren’t made out of fear.

I’ve always played by the rules and technically done everything right under society terms. Doing it by the book also brought along fear and self-doubt. What if I fail? Or, you’re not supposed to apply to this position in this market until I’ve had this many years of experience. These things played through my head throughout my entire adult career.

I decided this new year, this 34th year on Earth, I would make my own rules. I won’t allow fear to consume me. This is big talk, but my prayer for my life is that I will walk it, like I talk it. There’s so many opportunities I’ve convinced myself I wasn’t ready for and that’s been in my blogging and my television career. It stops today.

Cheers to the new year as I celebrate this next chapter of life with plenty of laughs, memorable moments, and with as little stress as possible. And this year , there’s a premium on happiness.

Grateful for Grace and My Beautiful Life
Happy Birthday to Me,

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