Style Files: Here’s A Fun White and Black Look that You Can Wear Now

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Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-6



There’s no secret, I love a black and white color palette . It’s classic, crisp, and always fresh. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a black and white look into my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong , I love color , but sometimes I like to go back to where it first began.  If you’re looking for a different way to wear your black and white , here’s a look to try on.


Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-


Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-9 Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-8

Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-3 Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-2


Style-files-forever21-white-zip-back-shorts-forever21-white-blazer with black-lapels-tuxedo-style-blazer-public-desire-Aisha-gold-strappy-heel-sandals-birmingham-top-blogger-oohlalablog-5


I tried my white and black combination with a pair of shorts, which was a big deal in my book. I rarely wear shorts because I have bad eczema so I’m a little self conscious about showing my legs. Secondly, I’m tall and shorts always look too short on me.  So I try to avoid them, but every now and again, I will wear a pair of shorts.  And this was the time.

I paired these Forever 21 Shorts with a tuxedo style white blazer with black lapels.  I kept the black and white theme going with my white top.

I didn’t know what color heels to wear with this look. I thought silver. I tried on a pair of rose gold heels, even a pair of pink ones, but settled with my Public Desire strappy gold sandals.

This look would be perfect for a summer night. Keep it in mind when your planning some of your summer soirées. Also keep in mind, it’s hard to look bad in black and white.

Fashionably yours,



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