Style Files: I Gave the Culotte Jumpsuit Trend a Try and Loved It

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Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-8


You ever see a trend and said, “Oh that’s cute, but it’s not for me.” It happened to me maybe a year ago when culotte jumpsuits came on the scene. I saw a cute jumpsuit on , but when I went to the actual store to try it on, I was over it. I hated the fit on me. The jumpsuit was super cute, but not on me. So I figured this trend wasn’t for me. Now, fast forward to August of this year I’m perusing the clearance rack at Target and the cutest little jumpsuit starts to peek through.

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-18



Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-17


Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-16

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-15

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-14

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-13




Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-11


Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-7



Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-4



Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-10

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-22


Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-2

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-19

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-20

I pulled it out and the pant legs are culottes. I was tempted to put it back, but I gave it a shot. I’m so glad I did, because the fit was perfect.

Style-Files-Heart-Soul-black-culotte-jumpsuit-from-Target-how-to-wear-culotte jumpsuit-trend-Zara-vinyl-d-orsay-pumps-oohlalablog-21

I was so excited that I snapped about it and even sent my girlfriend a video message of me showcasing the look.

The the sleeveless jumpsuit fits like a glove. The exposed silver zipper also adds some sass. I paired my new favorite piece with my black Vinyl D’Orsay Pumps from Zara.

For accessories I went with my favorite lace choker from Boohoo and my fringe tassel earrings from H&M. A red matte lip from Milani Cosmetics completely the look.

The best part about this jumpsuit is the simple fact it transcends seasons. This jumpsuit will also work for the fall. I’ll pair it with a white blouse underneath or a stylish turtleneck and bomb booties. A moto jacket will work if it’s a chilly night.

If you’re afraid to try this trend, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind .

– It’s all about the fit. Culottes are wide at the bottom . To compliment the voluminous pant leg, make sure the top half of the jumpsuit is fitted.

– It’s all about the length. Culottes are considered the midi skirt of pants. Make sure the pant leg hits you mid calf for the perfect look. If you’re on the shorter side, wear your culotte jumpsuit with a pair of stylish heels.

So go ahead and give this trend a spin. I’m glad I gave it a second spin!



What I Wore
Jumpsuit: Heart and Soul via Target, super cute HERE , HERE , and HERE
Heels: Zara ( sold out), try this one HERE and HERE
Necklace: Boohoo, Get it HERE
Earrings: H&M (sold out), Also from H&M  HERE and HERE

Shop more culotte jumpsuits below:

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