Life + Styles: “You’re The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right”

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The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-   Let’s get this out of the way first, I’m a game show fanatic. My favorites are “Wheel of a Fortune,” “Family Feud,” and “The Price is Right.” As you can imagine “The Price is Right” is at the top of that list. I was made for this show, hence the name. I watched the show as a kid and I finally had my chance to be a part of it… Well, sorta kinda. “The Price Is Right – Live Stage Show made its way to Rochester and I was front and center.   The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-3 The stage show is based on the hit show with some of the same games like Plinko and Cliffhangers. Contestants were able to spin the “Big Wheel” and bid on a showcase. After reading a few unfavorable reviews about the show I figured this was going to be a waste of $50. Yes, my ticket was 50 bucks and it was up in the balcony. Turns out the reviews I read didn’t apply to my experience. Here’s what I can tell you: The doors opened at 4:30pm, but the show wasn’t scheduled to start until three hours later. The show didn’t actually begin until 8pm. Once we arrived to the auditorium theater the line was wrapped around the building with people in bright colord  and “The Price Is Right” themed t-shirts.   The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-7 Once the doors opened the line moved quickly and we were able to check in within 15 minutes. I showed a sweet lady my drivers license and handed over my ticket. In return she gave me an awesome name tag. At that point everything felt so real. I literally squealed like a school girl at the thought that I could “Come On Down.” But there was a little time to spare before I would know if I would be the next contestant on “The Price Is Right,” so the group of girls I was with headed to Happy Hour at a Mexican restaurant. The drinks were delicious by the way. Once returning to the show things started with a quick video montage of past shows. Then our host for the night, Mark Wahlberg got things started.   The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-8 The contestants were all called at random. People from the balcony were called down as well as people down on the floor. There wasn’t a screening process, like the real show to determine who has a compelling story and the most interesting is called down. This was the most random selection ever. Four contestants are called down to bid. The winner of that bid comes up and plays for a larger prize. After that game segment is over four new contestants are called down to play. And while those four names are called another four people became instant winners from their seat. Four more people are randomly selected to win gift certificates. I’m sure the value and type of gift certificates are subject to change. In Rochester, contestants won gift certifictaes to Amazon ($100 value), Starbucks ($25 value), and Target ($25 value).   The-Price-Is-Right-Live-Show-Review-The Pretty-Price-on-the-Price-is-right-9 Contrary to what I read the prizes were actually amazing. Here’s what was up for grabs: Trips to London and Las Vegas, computers, flat screen television sets, a play station game console, and tons of cash. Also up for grabs was a new car. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to bid, my name was never called. But this amazing shirt made it all worth it! Sweeties, have you ever been on a game show? Tell me all about it!

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