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Style Files with Pretty Price: Forever 21 Bodycon Dress, Aztec Fringe Kimono, Just Fab “Paean” Seafoam Ankle Strap Heels

StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-

I’ve been in Rochester for nearly six months!!!!! I can’t believe it either.I still remember driving up through the rain and sleet and spending my first Christmas alone. UGH! Fast forward to June; I’m learning my way around the city (thanks Google Maps), I’ve found a hair salon, and a gym.I even found a nice little lady to wax my eyebrows flawlessly. That was priority RED!

StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-7


I must admit the transition from southern charm to urban living hasn’t been the easiest. But I’m learning to embrace these challenges and find the silver lining in each experience.

StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-2


For instance, I hate the weather. This was probably the coldest winter I’ve experienced in my life. Seriously, the weather has me so shook I’m still afraid to take my snow gear out of the car.

StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-5

Here’s the silver lining: On two occasions total strangers dug me out of the snow. I was literally floored by their kindness.

Despite all the mean things I’ve heard about New Yorkers, I can say 90 percent of it isn’t true. I’ve met some amazing people. And more importantly these folks have been warm and friendly.


StyleFiles- with-PrettyPrice-Aztec-Fringe-kimono-Just-Fab-Paean - Seafoam-Ankle-Strap-heels-Black-Forever-21-Basc-Dress-4

Six months down, another six to go before I approach my one year anniversary in Rochester. It still amazes me that I made this journey!  Are any you living a long way from home? Tell me in the comments.


Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21- Get it HERE
Kimono: Marshall’s – similar HERE, HERE,
Heels: Just Fab- Get them HERE

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  1. living away from home is hard – especially if you doing it on your own. This post just made me miss my mum’s food haha

    1. PrettyPrice says:

      I recently moved back home and now I’m missing my old city. Hope you get some home cooking soon!

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