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Amir James Clothiers Group is a new men’s retailer that’s dedicated to bringing you a classy and contemporary look. Amir James Clothiers Group started off as an idea  three years ago by two college students, Amir Usher and James Bradford .

Usher and Bradford say they wanted to fill a void in the fashion industry and these guys have been on the quest to accomplish it ever since. Usher and Bradford are both graduates of Tuskegee University, where they studied Mechanical engineering. Now they’re using their talents in a different way —and that’s running a lifestyle brand  that’s rich in quality and creativity.

AJCG carries limited quantities of merchandise that avoids trends to remain timeless in design and doesn’t cost a fortune.  AJCG offers t-shirts and sweatshirts that range from $45 to $75. Their simplistic signature t-shirts  remind us that less is always more. Amir James Clothiers Group is giving a fresh approach to men’s fashion and it’s definitely a “Style to Watch”.

Ooh La La Blog had the chance to interview the men behind the brand. Read the complete interview

Ooh La La Blog:How did you get into designing and tell us how the label started?

Amir:  I grew up in fashion design being that my mother had her own line early on and she made most of our clothes growing up. From there it was everything from switching paint colors on air force ones to helping design our high school senior t-shirt.  The label started back in college around 09’ off talks of what was in style at the time and how a new era was emerging. We felt who better than us to put our personal style into production.

James: I began with coloring my sneakers in the late 90’s because I couldn’t get new ones. That developed into tees and jeans. The label started In 2009 thru a conversation about some sneakers that was dropping soon and not being able to find complementary apparel. From there it’s history.

Ooh La La Blog: Was  there anything in your childhood that influenced your love for fashion?

Amir: I had an older brother who I would have to say was the freshest dude I knew. So with that being said there was always a silent competition so I had to make sure I was always on it. From there it developed into a genuine style and what you see today.

James: They sleep on the south more than any other region. Southerners traditionally developed their own style according to their profession and that is majority of the case still. The only difference about now and then things are becoming merged, combining function with style allowing people to be fresh and comfortable at work and the cotton.

Ooh La La Blog: How do you like the fashion industry as a business?

Amir: Is it different then what you were expecting or is  it exactly what you pictured? The fashion industry is cool I mean few bumps and bruises but that comes with the experience. More so, just the people you doing business with and sourcing of task that becomes a hassle. Its not necessarily who you know but who knows you. I really didn’t have any expectations coming in just expectations of honesty, which is hard to come by. I just always try to keep in my mind that’s its business nothing personal.

James:It’s very different from what I was expecting. It’s a lot like counter intelligence or intel gathering the CIA would do. Trying to find the different partners for aspects of business. But I enjoy it all in all.

Ooh La La Blog:Describe your philosophy on fashion as an art.

Amir: When I think of fashion in terms of art, what comes to mind is a feeling that you have when you put on that dope t shirt or that new pair sneakers or that subtle but pristine timepiece on. It’s not only an expression of you and your way of thinking but it demonstrates your influences and what culture you tend to gravitate towards.

James:Fashion is an expression of ones inward appearance displayed on the purest canvas there is. Clothes and everything associated with it have become an essential part of society and how you are viewed. Being able to get multiple people with the same vision is dope.

Ooh La La Blog:You’re from the south, do you think we get enough props when it comes to fashion? A lot of people think since we’re from the south, we don’t know anything about fashion. What’s your take on that?

Amir:Not only am I from the south but Mississippi. That part has a stigma in itself so I definitely think not enough props come from that area. Typically the South is the last to discover the latest trends/styles so its an uphill battle. More so now than ever though we’re creating our own look and others are implementing our culture into their style.

James: They sleep on the south more than any other region. Southerners traditionally developed their own style according to their profession and that is majority of the case still. The only difference about now and then things are becoming merged, combining function with style allowing people to be fresh and comfortable at work and the cotton isn’t from us.

Ooh La La Blog:What’s the best perk of being a designer?

Amir:Definitely brand recognition when you wearing your own apparel. There’s no better feeling for a designer than seeing his product on someone else or wearing your own and someone asking you where can they purchase that piece. Undeniable.

James: Wearing your own shit. It’s nothing like going from concept to product in hand.

Ooh La La Blog: What’s the most difficult part about running your own label?

Amir: Time. Seems like 24 hours isn’t enough sometimes.

James: Sourcing.

Ooh La La Blog: Can you give any advice to upcoming designers about breaking into the industry?

Amir: The only advice I could give to any up and coming designers would be to stay original, determine your target audience and use creativity as much as possible in your pieces. Also, the word NO can sometimes only mean NO for that moment, be persistent.

James: Determine what u want to do and who is buying it and stick with it. Everyone won’t like it but it comes with creation so fuck em.

Ooh La La Blog:Who are some of your favorite designers major and independent?

Amir:My favorite major designer would be Marc Jacobs and not only his personal line but his contributions with other lines and designers.  Independent favorite designers, just Amir James honestly.

James:Ai Weiwei is ridiculous but I get influences from everything. M. C. Escher and artist like him are a constant inspiration. Designs like the air intake on a Lamborghini or an Eames furniture piece or a building that’s tagged off of Freedom Pkwy. They all are my favorites from the inspiration alone

Make sure you support and buy. To stay connected to Amir James Clothiers Group follow them on Twitter at @amirjamescg, and @ HerbDillinger; Email:; Website: Coming Soon

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  1. Sandra
    Jan 18, 2013

    Congratulations to both you guys on your 1 year anniversary! God is good! Continue to be blessed and continue moving forward.
    Your cousin Sandra~

  2. carla watts
    Dec 02, 2011

    wow amir this is a blessing damn man keep up the good worrk your cuz carla and you should of told them my cuz dress dope (chi-town) love can i get a shirt lol

  3. Knowledge B
    Dec 01, 2011

    Classic pieces in the present…. “8732…. Nah… AJCG, I rock my dawg clothes”

  4. Nu Nu
    Dec 01, 2011

    These two young men look and sound like they’ve gotten off to a tremendous start! I can’t help but wonder when the women’s clothing line will come because I HAVE TO HAVE ONE OF THEIR PIECES IN MY CLOSET!

  5. Marc Mack
    Dec 01, 2011

    Congrats bru….. Good Look…. Only one direction to move from this point

  6. Marc Mack
    Dec 01, 2011

    Thats whats up bru….. Congrats. All you cand is look up from this point….

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