Impress For Less: Inexpensive Knuckle Clutches

Monday, June 4, 2012 · 1 Comment

A perfect clutch can punctuate any look and one of our favorites this season has been the knuckle clutch. Alexander McQueen’s collection  of knuckle clutches are a fan favorite among celebrities and we love them just as much. Too bad those beautiful bags  carry a hefty price tag.  Since we’re fashionistas on a budget we found a few knuckle clutches that are inexpensive, but equally gorgeous. Check them out below.

Tobi Knucklehead Clutch $43

AKIRA Knuckle Duster Lace Clutch in Pewter Black $49

Windsor Beige Rhinestone Knuckle Clutch $29

912 Glam Squad Blue Glitter Knuckle Clutch $35

Check out the rest of the collection of inexpensive knuckle clutches below.

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One Response to “Impress For Less: Inexpensive Knuckle Clutches”

  1. chicastic
    Nov 09, 2012

    i think white knuckle clutch can suits with any type of outfit. But it doesn’t mean that black is not good. Its also fabulous.

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