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This Houston, Texas native has a gift of gab and an eye for fashion.  She has a style that’s all her own and that’s why Angelica ‘Angie’  Sims is our Friday Fly Philosophy feature.   Angie  currently lives in Atlanta, GA and is pursuing a masters degree in public administration. Angie describes herself as ambitious, fun, and LOUD!  Ooh La La Blog got a chance to catch up with Angie to find out what’s her fashion philosophy. Here’s what Angie had to say

Ooh La La: What’s your fashion philosophy?

My style is catchy, flashy,  and trendy. My style can also be sexy, bold, flirty and seductive. I say that because I’m young yet  I still set my own trends. Whatever catches my eye I replicate it to my own liking. I’m bold, daring , and always taking a risks.  I like bright colors like mustard, purple, lime green,  or orange.  I like to pair my brights  with nude colors, like brown or black.

Ooh La La:What are the top three items in your closet that  you can’t live without? In other words what’s in heavy rotation?

My cardigans,blazers, and jackets are in heavy rotation. My  signature handbag and  Jessica Simpson pumps are getting a lot of play. I must have all three before I step foot out the door. I love shoes… Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden shoes are about the only two brands  I can wear all day without sitting down. I love all jackets, especially blazers and cardigans. You can wear a simple cardigans over a jumper, dress,  or skirt. The  same is true for  a blazer…. it can  give you a rocker or girly feel (depending on what its paired with). In the winter  I love jackets, trench coats, double breast etc. I’m born in Dec, but I hate the weather during that time of the year so having in a stylish coat will always do the trick. A  bad handbag will always make your outfit *POP*.

Ooh La La : Where are your favorite places to shop and who are some of your favorite designers?

I lovveee and adore Micheal Kors. I love  any and everything by that man.  Usually I don’t really get  all hyped up about designers, simply because a lot of stuff can be put together nicely, without always having to be a designer label. For the most part I love to shop, so anything I see worth revamping or feel my money  we be well spent on I’m buying it. I do in fact have a  few favorite stores such as H&M ( I can live in there), Know Style,  Forever 21, bebe, Bakers, Steve Madden, and small boutiques here in Atlanta (esp Little 5 points).I’m big on shoes, bright colors, nude, dark, straps, open toes, wedges platforms etc.

Ooh La La:  What are your fashion pet peeves? What fashion fad clothing/shoe/accessories you hate to see coming?

My pet peeves would be this epidemic of skinny jeans for guys. Like really when did this come about and  why?  It’s because of one rapper (Monkey see monkey Do) lol. As for  women we  need  to know our body type and  be comfortable in it. If you know it’s too tight or too little don’t wear it. Pantie lines are a no go, if your boobs are sagging, get a push up or a size that fits. It’s OK to be different and vintage but ladies some of this stuff just don’t go! Learn to know the difference between tacky and trendy,

Ooh La La: For other girls admiring your style give them a few tips.

Ladies you have to first  be comfortable in your own skin, everything you see on TV, in the  magazine,  or what your friend has in  isn’t for you. Love the skin you’re in and the confidence will show. Always remember ‘Confidence is a Stain you cant Wipe off’, so if you got it flaunt it, don’t be scared to Be YOU!

We couldn’t agree with you more Angie. Ooh La La enjoyed getting a deeper look into the girl behind the swag. Let us know what you think of Angie’s style.

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  1. Angelica
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    Im soo livid right now..U did an Awweesome job..thanks shown for the opportunity..

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