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Bold patterns, vibrant colors, and sexy silhouettes are just snippets of Chasity Pritchett’s closet. The Macon, Georgia native is known for her high energy  and fashion forward pieces. Chasity describes her style as dramatic and romantic. She says, “My style is always a surprise, you can never guess what’s next. ” While she’s  keeping  the people guessing what’s next , we know one thing is for sure, whatever Chasity steps out in will be a show stopper.

Chasity isn’t afraid to push the envelope, sometimes breaking and making the fashion rules along the way. For those reasons, Ooh La La Blog chose Chasity Pritchett as our ” Fly Philosophy” feature.  Coming from a long line of style savvy people, Chasity was destined to be FIERCE, with a wardrobe to be reckoned with.  Her passion for fashion, inspired her to start her own styling and consulting business. Chasity says, ” I inspire, build confidence, and encourage my clients that style plays a big role in their lifestyle.”

While this  stylist loves designers like Tory Burch and Rachel Roy, she especially appreciates a fabulous find from her favorite store J C Penny’s.

J C Penny’s carries hot designers at a lower price, proving our fashionista is also a budgetnista! Chasity is open to all  pieces, but it’s one that’s not welcome in her closet, and that’s gladiator style sandals.

Chasity is creating her own lane in the fashion industry, and is one to look out for.  Ooh La La Blog respects your drive and your style.  We salute you. To check out just how fly Chasity is

Be Sure to connect with Chasity at her WEBSITE & Follow her on TWITTER

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  1. Prettyprice
    Apr 16, 2011

    Thanks, STA crew!!! We really try to write up well written pieces to accompany the pictures we include. Thanks for the LOVE!!

    Kennedy, Chasity is FLY!!! We showcase celebrity style, but love to feature REAL STYLE!!! Real people who know how to dress and Chasity encompasses that!!!

  2. S.T.A.
    Apr 15, 2011

    Well written post by OOH LA LA!!

  3. Kennedy
    Apr 15, 2011

    This girl can dress!!! #True fashionista!

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