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It’s quality over quantity when it comes to fashion. This statement holds true for this Atlanta, Georgia native who currently lives in Birmingham, Al . Ashley Murff, says it may sound cliche, but she respects designers who make clothes with the highest quality standards in mind. For her unconventional style of dress and her fashion perspective, Ooh La La Blog chose Ashley Murff as our Friday Fly Philosophy feature.

Ashley admits one of her favorite places to shop, is the thrift store. It’s there, where she can take a blast to the past, and travel through different fashion eras.  Ashley says it’s through these different times in fashion history that she models her looks after. For example, Ashley says, “the 20’s and 30’s were more professional and conservative so I incorporate that era in my work clothes. The 70’s and 80’s are solely dedicated to nightlife.”

Ashley has spent her life traveling, moving from rural environments to big cities. Those experiences have also played a role in her fashion philosophy.  She says, I ‘ve been exposed to many cultures, and I incorporate those cultural differences in the way I dress.  Ashley says she’s not into the latest fashion trends. Her best style advice is to always be you, never conform to society’s standards of style.

Ashley says while she respects everyone’s choice of expression, she’s most thankful to guys who have realized it is okay to wear clothes that fit. No matter how expensive or how trendy it is, if it doesn’t fit, you’re sloppy.

When Ashley, isn’t spending her time at the thrift store, she’s relaxing with family or enjoying an arts festival. Ashley lives by the one rule of fashion, and that’s, there are NO rules. She says it’s all about the moment and how you feel at the time.

It’s one thing we love at Ooh La La Blog, and that’s authentic style. Ashley Murff has it.

Ooh La La Blog salutes you!

To see just how fly Ashley is

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  1. Amber
    Jun 18, 2012

    Fly indeed- Nick name ASHtro! Her artistic flare coupled with a keen eye for detail will leave the envious in a crawlspace. Great Philosophy! 🙂

  2. Val
    Feb 18, 2011

    Murff has always been an individual, free-thinker and I highly admire her for it! All eyes on you Chick!!

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