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Feature Fab: Ooh La La Blog’s PrettyPrice Named InStyle.com’s Reader of the Week


Ooh-La-La-Blog- Pretty-Price Named- InStyle-com-Reader-of- the-Week-


I got the most amazing surprise this week. I was named InStyle.com’s “Reader of the Week.”Here’s the real surprise. I was actually named “Reader of the Week” on December 27th. I’m almost a month late to this fabulous news, but I have a good reason. From Thanksgiving through the New Year’s Holiday I was busy packing my life away in little brown boxes. I moved from Alabama to Rochester and really neglected everything dealing with social media and the internet. I can say being named ” Reader of the Week” was the best welcome back gift.


Ooh-La-La-Blog- Pretty-Price Named- InStyle-com-Reader-of- the-Week-2

After I stopped screaming, I couldn’t wipe this silly grin off my face. I was smiling from ear-to- ear. This was truly a happy moment for me. This news came on the heels of a tough year for me. I was trying to determine where I wanted to take the blog, figure out the next move for my create, all while trying to balance a personal life. .

I always wanted to be featured in a magazine, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Plus, I didn’t think an editor would appreciate my personal style. I love my style choices, but not everyone will, so I was slightly afraid of rejection. I have pretty thick skin and I’ve developed my confidence, but sometimes fear can get the best of us down. After scrapping the idea altogether, I read a motivating blog post by Jessica Andrews, of Glamazons Blog.

This excerpt resinated the most with me:

“If you’re working toward a goal that feels impossible to achieve, my advice to you is to keep at it. No matter how many letdowns, false starts or “No’s” you hear during your pursuit, don’t walk away from it. You never when your breakthrough is going to come.”



These words were encouraging and gave me the extra umph to submit my pictures to some of my favorite magazines. I’m so glad I built up the courage, because this feeling of accomplishment was well worth it.

This is only the beginning. Next time , I’m landing a feature on the pages of  InStyle  Magazine.

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(2) Comments

  1. Aww congratulations! That means so much to me that you were inspired by me sharing that – it’s tough to open up but you never who could be encouraged by it. You have great personal style and are so deserving of the recognition. Keep striving – this is only the beginning!
    Glamazon Jessica

    1. PrettyPrice says:

      Thank you so much!!! I was def. inspired by your story.

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