Kerry Washington Talks Fashion, Twitter, and Olivia Pope in Net-A-Porter’s “The Edit”

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From the TV screen to magazine covers, Kerry Washington continues to dominate in every way.  It’s not even  April yet and the  Scandal star is the cover girl for three major magazines this month.  Each cover is absolutely amazing, with all three showcasing her beauty. And while I hate to be biased,  I believe it’s Kerry’s latest cover shoot that captures the essence of her beauty. She posed for  Net-A-Porter’s “The Edit”  giving us flawless beauty  reminding us that less is always more.  For the cover story ,”Notes on a Scandal” by  Aliza Licht,  the ABC actress talks all things Scandal. She also reveals some personal tidbits that you would have never guessed about the new mommy.


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Kerry couldn’t talk Scandal without mentioning fashion, live tweeting, and Olivia Pope.  That is what the show is all about, right?

On Fashion:

Let’s talk about Scandal style. The clothing did something from the very beginning.
The fashion on the show is almost another character – [costume designer] Lyn Paolo and I were on the same page about that from day one. When we sat down to discuss Olivia’s wardrobe, we had pulled all the same images off the internet and from magazines. I think because Lyn had worked on [political] shows like The West Wing before, she really understood the aesthetic of Washington, and I had already been working for the White House for two years when I started this job. We wanted to get out of the typical navy-blue, boxy, ‘woman in a man’s suit’ definition of power dressing.

How do you get into the ‘Olivia Pope’ mindset?
The biggest thing for me are the shoes. I’ll wear Uggs around set, but I can’t rehearse a scene in them because I don’t feel like Olivia until I put the shoes on. Shoes define how you walk in the world and how you stand, like: what is your posture in life?

How would you define your personal style?
I’m a very moody dresser. For the red carpet, I am totally a stiletto girl. But in the rest of my life, I would say I’m 50/50. I love a good heel, but I also have a really great sneaker collection – that’s the Bronx girl in me

Yes to the woman who can switch her style game up! From sneakers to stilettos, I love it!


Kerry-Washington- Talks-Fashion- Twitter-and-Olivia Pope-in-Net-A-Porter-The-Edit-3


“I have no social life on a Thursday! Every Thursday within three weeks of my [daughter Isabelle’s] due date, I loaded up pre-tweets based on the episodes and what I would want to say.”

“She went on to reveal she even tweeted while  she was actually in labor. “I tweeted in the very early stages of my labor. I figured that if I went completely silent on social media, then people would know I was in the hospital!”

My mouth is still open at the fact she tweeted while giving birth. Kerry is dedicated. End of discussion.


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Olivia Pope:
What do you think of Olivia Pope? Is there anything that you don’t like about her?

I love her. To me she’s like family, and with family, it doesn’t matter if you like them or not, you love them no matter what. I don’t always agree with her choices, but I have a lot of compassion for them.

What is the biggest difference between you and Olivia?
I do a lot of therapy! Not to say that I have it all together, but I think I have a little bit more awareness about my behavior patterns and I do the work it takes to get out of them.

What do you think Olivia’s main message is?
I don’t think [Scandal writer] Shonda Rhimes thinks in terms of messages, she thinks in terms of storytelling. She never wrote Olivia Pope to be a role model; she wrote her to be a human being, and part of what people identify with so much is that she is conflicted. In some ways, she’s so aspirational – you want to walk like her, dress like her, command attention like her and control a situation like her. In other ways, she’s a warning of what not to be.


Now you have folks Olivia  Pope was never  intended to be anyone’s role model, but Kerry Washington, now that’s a different story. Don’t you just love her?

To find out if Kerry’s husband is #TeamFitz or #TeamJake read the complete story at Net-A-Porter.


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