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I truly believe a girl can never have too many shoes, but before you start expanding  your collection  lets make sure you have the basics first . There are five shoes every girl should have in her closet.

1. Classic Black Pump

A pair of classic black pumps are essential to your shoe collection. In my opinion that needs to be your first serious shoe purchase. It’s a versatile shoe that’s perfect for just about every occasion. Whether its suede or leather a black pump can take you to the board room to happy hour. If you’re looking to get your collection started or want to upgrade your selection of black pumps, Ooh La La has you covered. Check out our collection at

2. Statement Shoe

Whether its crystal embellishment,  leopards, or studs every girl needs a pair of shoes that makes a statement. I like to call it a conversation piece….that one shoe that commands attention. When you’re looking for a statement shoe make sure it fits with your personality. There’s no need to make a studded out pump your statement shoe when you know deep down you’re a preppy girl.   Still looking for that statement shoe to add to your growing collection check out the one’s we gathered HERE.

3. Snazzy Sneaker

I understand you’re not a sneaker kind of girl…I get it, but these are snazzy sneakers. These are sneakers with sequin and embellishments.  It’s also essential  to have a pair of sneakers for those grocery store runs or even out to walk the dog. If you’re a runner of course it’s important to have a great pair of sneakers for hitting the track. Check out these snazzy sneakers and running shoes we compiled for you over at Polyvore.

4. A Red Shoe

A red shoe is perfect when you’re looking for that pop of color to upgrade your look.  I’ve been here too many times. I’m always looking for a splash of color with an all black look. A Red shoe is also great when paired with a white and black color combination. Here’s our amazing “Red Shoe” collection.

5. Fun Flats

Whether its loafers, oxfords, or ballerina slippers a pair of fun flats are needed in your closet. It’s the perfect compromise when it comes to pumps or sneakers. If you’re  looking for something classy and comfortable a pair of nice flats can help you achieve that.

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