Fabulous Finds:Camouflage Jacket, Multicolored Scarf, Chanel Earrings and More!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 · No Comments

Hey Sweeties!!!! This year flew by us. I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving and Christmas is already upon us. If you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook , or Twitter then you already heard. I worked Thanksgiving and Black Friday. No shopping for me. While I didn’t make it to the mall or any cool boutiques I still managed to luck  up on some fabulous finds for FREE!!! #WINNING Check out what I scored.

I was digging through my grandma’s jewelry and I spotted these vintage Chanel earrings. So I got these lovely black and gold Chanel clip-on earrings for FREE! My grandma came through, right?

How cute are these pineapple shaped diamond earrings? I loved these fun earrings and I also snagged these  from my grandma’s jewelry box.

I also got this cute multicolored scarf from grandma’s house. I’m not sure if I should wear it like a headband or a scarf around my neck.

I also went shopping in my mom’s closet and picked up this cool camo jacket.

It’s super heavy duty.

My mom has had this jacket since the early 90’s. The coat did have our last name on it, but over the years I  guess it fell off. Super cute overall. I have big plans for this camo coat. Oh, it’s warm enough to be worn as a cute on a winter day. LOVE!

So without spending a dime, I came up on some fabulous finds. I hope I’m this lucky the next time I make a trip home!

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