Tech Talk: No More Text Regrets With New App That Lets You Take Back Text Messages

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street-style-phones-No More Text Regrets With New App That  Lets You Take Back Text Messages

How many times have you regretted pressing “send” on that text message? We’ve all been victims of auto correct or simply wished we never texted that person in the first place. Sweeties, text regret is real, but there’s an app that’s helping us clean up our texting tragedies.28-year-old Maci Peterson, created “On Second Thought,” an app that promises to undo our texting mistakes with a simple swipe.

On-Second-Thought-app-No-More-Text- Regrets-With-New- App-That-Lets-You Take-Back-Text- Messages-

Here’s how it works: You send your message through the “On Second Thought ” app and if you made a mistake before the message has been delivered to the recipient just swipe left or right to undo it. And unlike other apps, the receiver of the text is not required to have the app in order for the service to work. According to Peterson’s Black Enterprise interview earlier this month you can even set up to 60 second grace period in which you have time to undo your texting nightmare.


On-Second-Thought-app-No-More-Text- Regrets-With-New- App-That-Lets-You Take-Back-Text- Messages-16

There’s another feature which allows you to set a curfew on your texts for the night to make sure you don’t become a victim of drunk texting. Now that’s heaven sent.

The app is free and only available on Google Play at this time. With the download, users will receives up to nine free text recalls per month. After the free recalls are used, it will cost $1.99 for unlimited recalls for the rest of the month, or $9.99 for unlimited recalls for the year.

Unfortunately, On Second Thought isn’t available for iPhone users, which means I’ll have to wait a little longer to put this cool new app to use.

I’m sure “On Second Thought,” will come in handy during Spring Break.



Maci-Peterson-On-Second-Thought-app-No-More-Text- Regrets-With-New- App-That-Lets-You Take-Back-Text- Messages-

Let’s just take a second to celebrate Peterson in her accomplishment . A 28 years old she developed an app that has  of 50,000 downloads. As a woman , and a woman of  color I’m beyond proud of her achievement. She’s showing young girls that you can also succeed in this male-dominated industry .Peterson is definitely a “Black Girl that Rocks.”


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