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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 · No Comments
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It’s been far too long. It’s been over a month since we chatted. This is probably the longest blogging break I’ve had since I started Ooh La La. Truth is, I needed the time away. 2013 has been emotionally draining. I was dealt a number of life’s frustrations.


From my love life to my career, 2013 was full of disappointments. It stressed me out to the point I broke down. Everything just seemed so heavy, but no one could tell. I always managed to keep my frustrations masked. Doing that only made the problem worse and the load even heavier.

But somewhere throughout the year I set the reset button and went back to my foundation. I finally realized the problem. I had been trying to deal with life’s challenges on my own. That’s when I decided to give my problems to GOD. I have faith, but it wavered. I stopped believing that my situation could change . I think that scared me the most. Believing I would stay in the same unfulfilled place in life was overwhelming and frightening.


Something shifted after attending a Wednesday night bible study service ( online campus). I gave all my problems to GOD. No, my problems didn’t magically disappear, but the burdens that once weighed me down didn’t feel as heavy. My mind set changed. Anytime something came my way, I would simply say ” Lord you got this.” The faith that wavered had been restored. I believed GOD would work things out on my behave. I never understood what believing wholeheartedly would do for me and my outlook on life.


I’m happy to report trusting GOD has opened a door for me that I still can’t believe I walked through. I recently started a new job in Rochester, NY. I should be in New York area for at least the next two years. More if they love me…lol.

I’ve been here for about week and other than this brutally cold weather, everything has been great!


As we embark on the New Year I will continue to stand firm on my faith. Still believing in 2014!

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