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Style Files: How to Wear White to Work and Look Effortless



Are you accident prone? Are stains inevitable? Okay, we’re sister-friends. It’s always a struggle to stay stain free when I’m wearing white, but I love an all white look.











It’s so crisp and can look so sleek. And for that reason I tried an all white look for work. I was dodging stains like it was bugaboo in the club.

I think I did okay. I had a few makeup smudges here and there but no major casualties.

But the real victory here is the dress itself. It’s fabulous and perfect for the office. For all my broadcast babes it’s great for on air.

The Calvin Klein dress features a gold front zipper with a fitted silhouette.

I added a dab of color with a pair of beautiful baby blue feather and embellished earrings I scored from TJ Maxx.

My sandals of the summer finished my look. Seriously, I’ve worn these Truffle Collection rose gold sandals with everything. It was the best $25 I’ve spent this year.

Ladies, do you love the look? Would you try wearing white in the office? Need more inspiration? Check out these other five times I wore all white and managed to stay clean!

Also, check out these white hot dresses just in case you don’t have one in your closet yet.

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