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Style Files: Here’s why You Need a Pair of Pretty Pink Pants in your Summer Wardrobe

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-16

I’m not a “pants” girl! I’ve made that declaration a few times,but I’m starting to eat my words. These perfect pink pants from asos has me reconsidering, once again if I should shop for pants more often.

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-9

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-3

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-2

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-4

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-13

Style files-Hot-pink-asos-pants-with-origami-waist-tie-detail-truffle-collection-barely-there-heel-sandal-rose-gold-forever-21-contemporary-white-cropt-top-perfect-summer-pants-top-birmingham-bloggers-oohlalablog-5

I’m hesitant to buy pants because I’m always worried about the fit and length. I try to stick with a fabric that has some stretch. I also lean towards ankle length pants. That way I’m never worried about my pants being too short. These pants met my must-have requirements.

But it was really the color that sold me. This shade of pink is perfect for summer and will pair easily with any other color in my wardrobe. Whether it’s a bold hue or a subtle shade. This pink shadr is by far the easiest color to style for the season.

Here’s how I made it work for me. For a full on , “Summer Vibe,” I teamed my trousers with a white twist front crop top from forever 21.I added a pair of statement earrings from to compliment my statement pants. Rose gold heel sandals punctuated the look.

Convinced yet? Maybe these pants will help you:

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