Style Files: Your Weekend Style Guide for Staying Cute and Comfy

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Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-

I’m counting down to the weekend. We are two days away and I’m so ready for this week to be over. Your girl is over due for rest and a little relaxation. Honestly speaking, I really need a vacation, but that’s in due time. Meanwhile I’m just here waiting on the next 48 hours to breeze through so I can be deadline free and unplug from all the dramas of the world. I wanna binge watch trash tv, shop for chic clothes and eat unhealthy food ( not too much though, I’m trying to watch my figure).


Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-8 Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-7

Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-5 Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-3


Style-files-forever 21- striped -black-and-white-open-back-maxi-dress-nike-black-white-Women-Juvenate-Lifestyle-Shoes-women-lifestyle-sneakers-birmingham-top-bloggers-oohlalablog-11


Whatever I do, I think I’m ditching my heels and kicking my feet up in a pair of sneaks. The entire dress code this weekend is comfy chic, laid back and fabulous, starting with the shoes on my feet.

I may rock my super comfy  Nike juvenate lace-up sneakers you see here. I paired them with a flowy  maxi dress. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, comfortability and being carefree. The sneakers and dress combo gives me all those vibes.

And let’s talk about this dress right quick. I’ve had it hanging up for almost two years. I tried it on with a bra and it fit perfectly. Got home tried to wear it with a bra again, the dress couldn’t , straight up wouldn’t close. I was so pissed I let it sit there for a while and when I say a while, more like 24 months.

This time around I ditched the bra and it closed. I hate going bra-less I just feel so naked BUT I had to in this case.

Glad I gave the dress another twirl. It’s so perfect for summer. The open back and slight slit are everything you need for a bomb maxi this season.Can’t wait to add this dress to my summer wardrobe.


Fashionably Yours


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