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Style Guide: How to Make Your Tobi.Com Side Striped Pants Work for the Office and the Weekend



New schedule, who dis? In my last post I told you ladies about my new work schedule. I’m finally moving off weekends. I’m super excited about starting this chapter in my career. It also gave me another reason to go shopping for work wear. I  found a few chic dresses, pair of stylish pants, a new jacket,  and a pair of jeans (I need them for work too). I was also recently gifted a pair of super chic pants from, that’s perfect for work. is a women’s online clothing and accessories boutique.

After receiving the package I quickly figured out my new “Brooke Black Side Striped Pants” were perfect for work and weekends. Winning! Don’t you love it when your work wear can also double as a weekend look?

Here’s how I made each look work:

Monday-Friday Chic





Style-Files-tobi-brooke-black-side-striped-pants-Aldo-black-faeri-faux-fur-heel-sandals-worthington-white-bell-sleeve-blouse-AC-DC-Rock-band-screen-tee-shirt-oohlalablog-16  Style-Files-tobi-brooke-black-side-striped-pants-Aldo-black-faeri-faux-fur-heel-sandals-worthington-white-bell-sleeve-blouse-AC-DC-Rock-band-screen-tee-shirt-oohlalablog-13


I paired the black and white side striped pants with a white Worthington button front blouse from J.C. Penney. The blouse features exaggerated bell sleeves that I absolutely love.

I added a little bit more drama to the look with chandelier style earrings and a bold red lip. I kept it classic with a pair of black pumps.

I love a white and black color combination. It will never go out of style.

Weekend Style









Style-Files-tobi-brooke-black-side-striped-pants-Aldo-black-faeri-faux-fur-heel-sandals-worthington-white-bell-sleeve-blouse-AC-DC-Rock-band-screen-tee-shirt-oohlalablog-7 Style-Files-tobi-brooke-black-side-striped-pants-Aldo-black-faeri-faux-fur-heel-sandals-worthington-white-bell-sleeve-blouse-AC-DC-Rock-band-screen-tee-shirt-oohlalablog-15Style-Files-tobi-brooke-black-side-striped-pants-Aldo-black-faeri-faux-fur-heel-sandals-worthington-white-bell-sleeve-blouse-AC-DC-Rock-band-screen-tee-shirt-oohlalablog-9


Sliding into the weekend, I paired the side striped pants with an AC/DC band graphic t-shirt from T.J. Maxx. I’m not a huge graphic t-shirt kind of girl, but it was the sleeves that sold me. It’s made of an ultra girlie lace. Don’t you love the mix of delicate and edgy?

I finished the look with my very glam  Faeri” heels from Aldo. The sandals feature a fur toe and a black glitter heel!

Ladies, are you maximizing your wardrobe? Are your Monday-Friday pieces making an appearance on the weekend? Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, grab these cute side striped pants from The pants are #OnTrend and #OnBudget at $28.


Fashionably yours,


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