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Style Files: Valentine’s Day Inspired Look Perfect for a Date or Dinner with Friends, PLUS Tips to Enjoy Your Single Life

Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-8


Do you feel the love in the air? Yeah, me either but for the sake of fun and giggles let’s get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. or is it the Valentine’s mood? Not sure which one but despite not having a boo, I can’t front I’m sorta excited about V-Day.


Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-6



Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-13

Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-12




Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-16

Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-7

Style-files-ASOS-BLACK-KENDRA Point-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Vila-Red-Long V-Neck-Knitted-Sweater-Black-suede-flat-front-pocket-shorts-oohlalablog-2



I love to see couples display their love. I’m the public display of love type of girl, so it really melts my heart to see some couples going all in! I know. I know. You don’t need a designed holiday to express your love to your significant other BUT people I love it. Let the lovers live, why don’t you? I can’t wait until it’s my turn. Until then, I live vicariously through you.

What I’m enjoying most about this February aka the “Love Month” is that I’m learning the biblical way to love a man and how I should be loved the right way. My pastor is teaching an entire series on “The Art of the Heart.”

I’m learning so much! Sweeties, I’ve been taking more notes than a freshman in her first college lecture course. Can we say feverishly writing? My hope and my prayer, is that I’m ready when my true love is sent to me.

Sweeties, it’s my hope that if you’re single in this season of your life that you don’t give up on love. I would like to provide you with a few tips to enjoy this single season. It’s not a curse.


Work on Yourself:

Whether you’re in a relationship or living your best single life yet, it’s always important to work on improving yourself. What does that look like? If you want to lose, weight, hit the gym. Work on incorporating healthy food options in your diet.

If you want to finish your degree, complete a certification course, or add more letters behind your name, do it! This is the perfect time to be selfish and focus on yourself.

Sometimes,dating can be distracting. You’re focusing on the needs of your mate and unconsciously getting away from your desires.

Use this time to learn more about you and grow personally.

Enjoy Yourself:

This is key. When did being single, become a curse or bad virus everyone wanted to get rid of. It’s not the end of the world, ladies. So enjoy yourself. Take yourself out to the movies. Try that new restaurant and do it by yourself. I can not tell you how many times I’ve sat at the bar by myself, eating a nice dinner. I’ve seen several movies, solo dolo. I was super close to going to a play by myself this weekend , but something else came up .

There is no shame.

I refuse to let life get a way from me , because I don’t have a mate to share in life experiences. NOPE, you get one life and , I’m going to enjoy it , single or spoken for.

Boss ALL the Way UP:

Focus on your money. Ladies, become financially secure. I can’t stress the importance of making your own money and securing the bag. Having your own, means not relying on a man to take care of your needs. You can do it on your own.

I hope this helps, ladies! I know it’s not always easy. Believe me, I really know. I recently experienced a break up that came out of no where. It was heartbreaking, but with everything in life , I’m getting over it. I’m also using these tips to help me during this single season. I always have amazing friends and family that pour into me , when I’m having a moment of uncertainty or feeling insecure. Those moments will happen to you too, but Sis, I want you to know that you are enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweeties!

Fashionably yours ,


What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: Asos, get  it HERE
Shorts: Forever 21 (sold out), get similar HERE
Heels: Asos, get them HERE

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