Style Guide: Five Ways to Wear Denim on Denim Like A Fashion Pro

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I was dating this guy and we were planning to go out for dinner and I asked him what he was wearing to kind of get an idea of what I should wear. If he was going to be super casual I would forgo anything ultra glam. Ladies, he told me was wearing denim jeans and a denim jacket. I said to him in the most disgusted tone as possible, “Denim on Denim.”


Style-Files-Merona-Denim-Button-front-shirt-distressed-denim- jeans- Lavender-Ninewest-wool-coat-silver-metallic-asos-picture-perfect-pointed-toe-heels-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-oohlalablog-15 Style-Files-Merona-Denim-Button-front-shirt-distressed-denim- jeans- Lavender-Ninewest-wool-coat-silver-metallic-asos-picture-perfect-pointed-toe-heels-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-oohlalablog-12 Style-Files-Merona-Denim-Button-front-shirt-distressed-denim- jeans- Lavender-Ninewest-wool-coat-silver-metallic-asos-picture-perfect-pointed-toe-heels-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-oohlalablog-11 Style-Files-Merona-Denim-Button-front-shirt-distressed-denim- jeans- Lavender-Ninewest-wool-coat-silver-metallic-asos-picture-perfect-pointed-toe-heels-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-oohlalablog-10


Style-Files-Merona-Denim-Button-front-shirt-distressed-denim- jeans- Lavender-Ninewest-wool-coat-silver-metallic-asos-picture-perfect-pointed-toe-heels-how-to-wear-denim-on-denim-oohlalablog-7


He was surprised by my reaction but all I could think about was Wu Tang Clan or The Lox. We were in New York at the time so you can understand my reference point.

Turns out it was super stylish and the date was nice. It actually developed into a full on relationship that lasted almost a year. So I got a little “boo thang” and a new perspective on the denim on denim trend. I’ve actually rocked it a time or two and developed a few style tips along the way.



Try Different Denim Washes

The most important rule is try different denim washes.

Wearing two dark denim pieces with each other looks dated and gives you the true illusion of a Canadian Tuxedo.

Here in my look, my denim washes are different, but looks super similar to break it up I added distressed denim to the look which is also rule number two.

Make Sure it’s Distressed

Distressed denim is still on trend and it helps break up the double dose of denim.

I would avoid double denim and double distressed. I would also try to find pieces that are slightly distressed. A slit at the knee or thigh is all you need.


Add a Print

Whether it’s a jacket, maybe a pair of heels or a shirt underneath, adding print to the look is super fun and injects some real style to the look. If you’re afraid to go all in with your denim look, this could be a way to break up the pieces.


Add a Statement Piece

Whoever said denim couldn’t be glam, lied. Add a luxe accessory to the look to up your style factor.

A gorgeous broach, clutch, or a pair of heels can take the look to the next level.

I added metallic heels and an embellished purse my look.


Add Color to Your Look

A pop of color never hurts, right? Again, adding some color breaks up the denim on denim look. I opted for a lavender coat.


What I’m Wearing:

Coat: Ninewest, Try another pop of color HERE and HERE

Heels: Asos, get them HERE

Shirt: Target, shop more denim options HERE and HERE

Jeans: TJ Maxx, more distressed denim over HERE and HERE

Love my look? Recreate it with pieces below:

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