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Life + Style: Mixing Shearling with Sheer Lace, While Talking Accountability

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-7



It’s like clock work, every year we set new resolutions only to fail at holding firm to those promises within the first week. I’m guilty of this myself, BUT this year I tried something different and so far it’s working.

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-6

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-3

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-2

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-13

Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-21



Style-Files-Vero-Moda-Blue-Black-vmellen-esta-long-jacket- vero-moda-blue-black-shearling style-coat-Who-What-Wear-Sheer-Lace-Ruffle-Blouse-Forever-21-highwaiste-knit-black-skirt-ALDO-Faeri-fur-sandals-oohlalablog-19

Instead of making long term goals at the start of the year, I decided I would set weekly and daily goals. To me crushing small daily and weekly goals keep me on track to completing my big picture dreams. At the end of the week I can reflect on the last seven days and determine what I’ve accomplished and what needs more work.

For example, on Sunday, I determined I would make sure I drink at least three bottles of water a day, get up for work on time, get to work on time, and work ahead to produce some amazing stories. I also decided I would work aggressively to tackle the mounting projects on my to-do list.

Today is Wednesday and I still have several action items on my to-do lists, I’ve been late to work, even though I woke up on time.

On the other hand, I’ve produced an amazing story last night. I’m drinking my water and I’ve already checked at least 65 percent of my items off of my to do list.

This is beneficial for me because it immediately holds me accountable. At one point my friends and I would have what we called “Accountability Sunday.” We reflected on our past week and shared our goals for the upcoming week. When Sunday rolled around again, we asked each other if we accomplished our goals or made major strides in getting them achieved. It was hard to find excuses for not getting things done with these women. They were not here for the foolishness. They also pushed me and poured the word God into me. This was invaluable.

The weekly phone call helped me stay on my toes and stay focus on everything I sought out for the week. It was a great place to celebrate wins. I was with women who shared in my success. This was also a safe space, so if you didn’t nail your target, there were no disapproval sighs or reprimanding. We just prayed that God would intervene in that area of your life and help you in a way we couldn’t.

Accountability Sunday is working for me solo and it worked with my sister circle.

Sometimes it’s crazy intimidating to set these massive goals and then my March you’re down and out because you’re not on track to getting things done.

How are you crushing goals this year? Tell me in the comments.



What I’m Wearing:

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Skirt: Forever 21 (old), similar HERE

Heels: Aldo, get them HERE

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