Style Files: Exploring Birmingham in Black Lace Shorts and Black Crop Top

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My hometown is getting a new look and I love it! Communities I once knew so well almost feel like a foreign place. Some of the changes have been going on for years, but it wasn’t until I recently moved back to Birmingham that I realized that some neighborhoods are going through a transformation. 

style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-7



style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-2




Avondale has a new look and vibe and it appears Woodlawn has next. I had a chance to take it the new sites in Woodlawn while I was out taking pictures for the blog one Tuesday. On a small block on 1st Ave South and 55th Place South there’s Woodlawn Cycle Cafe,  a trendy eatery (I hear the food is amazing), Open Shop , a cool clothing boutique and Public Office, a concept store that has pretty dope aesthetics. It’s what drew me in and literally browsed and posed in every corner of this store.


style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-6 style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-5 style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-4 style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-3 style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-visits-public-office-woodlawn-2



Initially going in, I was like what is this? I quickly learned Public Office offers skin and beauty products, fragrances , lotions and more.  On every shelf there are items from the brand, Aesop, which range from affordable to are your crazy, I’m not buying that.

I’ve never tried it the products, but I did my research and read quite a few reviews and folks love it. You be the judge and stop by Public Office Woodlawn and its trendy neighbors if you’re ever on Birmingham’s Eastside.


style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-4




Because this is a fashion blog I must share the details of my look. I scored these lace shorts and black crop top from Forever 21 during a bogo sale. I bought the shorts for every bit of $10 and got the top for free. Forever 21 does its bogo sale a few times a year and I always rack up!


The Fit:

style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-3


I definitely could have went a size up in these shorts. I’m wearing a medium and surely I need a large.

I was a little hesitant about the top because I didn’t want a full on crop top. I didn’t want anything that would expose too much of my midriff.  Because of the neckline I was concerned about the type of bra I could wear. I hate going bra-less. I need my girls secure. Needless to say the top worked itself out.  I’m wearing a small.


How I Wore the Look


style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-


This was a super simple look to throw together. I actually bought both pieces knowing I would wear them together. I paired the lace shorts and black top with my favorite JustFab Heels. My Catherine ankle strap sandals continue to come through. Not mad at all about that purchase.

Because I was wearing so much black I added color with my lipstick and wore a bright pink lippie.  A simple clutch and minimal accessories finished the look


Would I Recommend the Look


style-files-forever 21-Black Embroidered-Lace-Overlay Shorts-black-forever-21-crop-top-justfab-catherina-ankle-strap-sandals-oohlalablog-8

Definitely, if you get the right size. Don’t make the same mistake I made.  Also, this look is one you should wear at night. I felt slightly over dressed, but because I’m working on being fearless I still owned the look.


What are your thoughts? Do you love the look? Shop similar style lace shorts below:

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