Style Guide: Five Fashion Resolutions Guaranteed for Fabulous Fashion Moments All Year Long

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Happy New Year Sweeties! I brought in 2017 driving home from work. It was so uneventful , but I’m believing in the motto, “ Grind hard, play later.”  Eventually I’ll get to enjoy the New Year’s Eve festivities with all the pomp and circumstance. Until that happens, I’m living vicariously through you. From the looks of my Instagram feed you all had a blast and looked amazing doing so. It prompted me to go a head and once again set my New Year’s Fashion Resolution. 


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-4

Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-7


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-8


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-3


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-2


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-6


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-5


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-10


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-11



Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-17


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-19


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-18


Style-files-Club L-kimono-Sleeve-Midi-Dress-in-Allover-Sequin-With-Center-Split-Hot-pink-Betsey-johnson-bow-sandals-forever21-faux-fur-longline-duster-oohlalablog-22





With the new year comes a list of goals to help create a new you, but we’ve heard it before, New Year’s Resolutions will never last: guilty. Even keeping my fashion promises are tough, but the fashion goals I set for 2016 were met and then some. It was my most stylish year yet.  Let’s take a look at the goals I set :


I vowed to by an adult handbag and I actually bought several. For the first time I actually have a handbag collection that I’m quite proud of.

Style-files-Forever 21-Women-White-Sequined- Ant-Applique-Tee-Red-Mango-MNG-Pleated-Skirt-Forever21-black-faux-leather-jacket-jeffrey-campbell-black-suede-booties-Lionel-black-leather-tassel-box-purse-oohlalablog-4

I promised to update my jewelry box and now my accessory game is on lock. Thank gawd for chokers.



I also vowed to play with prints and colors. I’ ve worn some of the brightest and boldest prints possible. I’ve even worn them to work.  Talk about taking risks.




I promised to go big or go home and to shop my own closet.



These five resolutions helped to ensure I had fabulous fashion moments and not fashion faux pas.  This year my fashion resolutions are simple.

This year ______________

I Promise to Buy an Investment Shoe 

This may sound silly, but I really want a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. I could have purchased the heels 20 times by now. It’s not really about the money, but it’s about the money. I’m just scared to spend that kind of money on a shoe. Will I have buyers remorse?  I love the style of the “So Kate “ Pumps so I think need to just buy them for goodness sake. But Louboutin’s aren’t the only designer heels I’m eyeing. I’ve been drooling over a few, so it’s time to stop window shopping and just buy the heels.


I Promise to Thrift Shop Even More 

I’m a thrifter, through and through but I’m not consistent. I may stop by the thrift store once or twice a month. I want to up my visits. I’m thinking once a week. That way I can grab all the vintage pieces before someone else swipes them. Some of my sweetest style moments of 2016 involved a vintage piece.


I Promise to Buy a Classic Black Blazer

I don’t have a classic black blazer. I can’t believe it either. I look all the time, but I can never find the one. I know what you’re thinking, “ Jamiese it’s a blazer and a black one at that, so it should be easy-peasy.” It is not. If I find one I like, the fit is off.  If the fit is perfect the style is too dated. I’m getting me a black blazer this year for sure


I Promise to Take Even More Fashion Risks 

Last year I promised to make fearless fashion choices and I did, but I want to make even more. I can count a few  bold fashion moves, but I need to up the ante.


I Promise to Just Buy It 

Nothing haunts you more than the things  you didn’t buy. Ladies, if this isn’t the truth,  then I don’t know what is. Seriously, I’ve had dreams about beautiful dresses and gorgeous heels I’ve left behind. If it’s within reason, I promise to just get it.  I’m upset now just thinking about a pair of  Vince Cameo boots I didn’t buy, even when the boots went on sale.


I think I can accomplish each of these goals.  I feel the pressure to make it happen after I was five for five in 2016.  Sweeties, do you set fashion resolutions along with personal ones? Tell me in the comments.



What I’m Wearing:

Dress:  Asos Club L Kimono Sleeve Sequin Dress , Get it HERE

Shoes:  Betsey Johnson “Frisky” Bow Heels (Sold Out), Similar HERE

Purse: Forever 21 Pink Coin Purse ( Sold Out)  , Similar HERE

Coat: Forever 21 Faux Fur Longline Duster, ( Sold Out)  similar HERE

Shop more metallic dresses below to sparkle and shine  through out the year.

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  1. Marisa Gillies
    Jan 03, 2017

    love your style!! and your blog, the gold dress and pink heels so cute!!

    • PrettyPrice
      Jan 09, 2017

      Thank you sooooooo much! I hope you’re having an awesome start to your new year.

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