Style Files: Here’s Why You Should Add Cargo Pants to Your Closet this Fall

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Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-13


It’s the unofficial end to summer. Say so long to day parties and sitting pool side. It’s now time for football and everything pumpkin. But it appears the weather gawds didn’t get the message. It’s still hot down here in Alabama and I will not switch into fall mode until the temperatures make a drastic change. Until then, I’m dressing accordingly. So crop tops and cargos it is. .


Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-7




Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-6

Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-5


Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-14

Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-15



Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-9



Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-12




Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-10


Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-2


Style-files- foever21-black-silver-sequin-crop-top-exposed-zipper-Jolt-khaki-cargo-pants-Jolt-army-green-cargo-pants-asos-high-flyer-heeled-sandals-how-to-wear-cargo-pants-what-to-wear-on-Saturday-Oohlalablog-5

I caught this amazing metallic crop top for $10 during one of Forever 21’s summer bogo sales. I had so many ideas on how to style the top. From my high-waist trousers to a sleek pencil skirt, this crop top is so versatile. I decided to pair the super girly top with men’s inspired bottoms. I teamed the sequins with a pair of military green cargo pants.

There are a few things that instantly remind you of your childhood and cargos pants are one. The style was so big when I was in middle school, so imagine my excitement when I picked these up from Marshalls a few weeks ago.

I added these cargos to my closet for fall, but I had to give them a spin early. The pants are a great alternative to jeans. Plus, you can wear them a hundred ways. As you can see it’s also versatile piece. This is how you make your wardrobe stretch. You can go all the way men’s inspired or add feminine touches like I did. I made look more girly with a touch of sparkle and shine.

I finished the look by adding my ASOS Flyer metallic sandals and an embellished purse. I kept the sequins and embellishment theme going throughout the look.

Styling my sequins top with cargos was a match made in fashion heaven. It’s the perfect mix of fun and relaxed.

What do you think of my style choice? Tell me in the comments.


What I Wore:
Top: Forever 21 ( sold out), similar HERE, Love this one  HERE , andHERE

Pants: Marshalls, even better HERE and HERE

Shoes: ASOS, get them HERE

Purse: T.J.Maxx

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