Style Files: All White Style Inspiration Perfect for Spring and Summer

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Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-2


Tis the season for day parties, fruity drinks, and magical moments with friends. Make sure you have some fabulous fashion moments along the way. And nothing, and I mean nothing says fab like an all-white look. All white everything is essential for spring and summer.  It’s something about the crisp, clean look that makes you want to slay every sidewalk you step foot on. Afraid to try all white? Don’t be. You can nail this look not matter your shape or the size of your budget.



Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-6


I’m giving you all white style inspiration throughout the rest of the week. Here’s your first taste that’s perfect for spring or a summer night.

I styled my Bisou Bisou white lace sleeve peplum jacket  with a simple white pencil skirt from Forever 21.



Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-7



Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-9
The jacket features super luxe lace sleeves and silver zipper detail. I was a little hesitant to buy the jacket because of the price. I’m always concerned about my coins. The less I spend the happier I am. Fortunately for me, I caught a sale at J.C. Penney and paid only $50 for the jacket that was originally priced at $100. If you haven’t already signed up to receive emails from J C Penney, you may want to give it a shot. That way you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to sales.


Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-11


Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-4


This jacket is the focal point and would look great with either pants or a skirt, but I opted for a fitted pencil skirt.

Red tassel- fringe heels added more texture and a drop of color to the all-white look. This look is perfect for the office, Sunday brunch, or any place you want to shut ish down.

Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-14


This jacket is sold out on line, but it doesn’t mean it’s sold out in stores. Click HERE to find out if your local Penney’s still has it in stock. It’s also on sale.

Style-Files-jcpenney-White-Bisou Bisou-Lace- Illusion Jacket-Forever21-Not-So-basic-white-Pencil-skirt-JustFab-red-Tayrey-fringe-sandals-how-to-wear-all-white-all-white-fashion-styles-oohlalablog-10

Don’t fret if you can’t get your hands on the jacket, I’ve found white hot popping peplums and pencil skirts to help your recreate this look. Click the picture and shop until your heart is content and your closet is full.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for another white hot look.

Fashionably yours,

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