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Style Guide: Three Ways to Wear a Statement Piece,PLUS Tips on How to Maximize Your Wardrobe



I’m still swooning over my fabulous vest I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks ago. This statement piece is the the perfect addition to my closet for many reasons. The most important is this vest serves multiple purposes.

It works as a dress because it’s long enough. I can even wear the vest multiple ways, open or buttoned.The beautiful hue of green makes styling the number a piece of cake.

Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-3


Major-Thrift-Store- Haul -Designer -Threads-Exclusive Pieces -oohlalablog-


Here I styled the vest with printed J.Crew ankle trousers that I also scored at the thrift store.

I teamed the pants with a sleeveless navy blue turtleneck I grabbed for $7.50 from Marshall’s clearance rack.


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-



This look is perfect for a mild spring day.


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Justfab-red-Hadley-heels-Oohlalablog-7


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Justfab-red-Hadley-heels-Oohlalablog-5


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Justfab-red-Hadley-heels-Oohlalablog-9

Here I styled the vest as a dress and added a black and white stripped turtleneck. Red heels finished the look.  I loved the play on colors and prints with this look. This look could work for a fall day. Add a pair of tights and boots and it’s also great for winter.


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-14


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-7

The last look is one we can all create. I paired the vest with all black. My favorite H&M turtleneck and ASOS tights were the perfect addition.

Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-8


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-15


Fringe ankle booties gave my a pop of pizzazz. Team a warm coat to this look and it works for an evening dinner during the colder months.


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Justfab-red-Hadley-heels-Oohlalablog-6

Statement pieces can add value to your wardrobe. That’s why I suggest adding a few to your closet. With one statement piece I was able to achieve three looks. That’s one way to maximize your wardrobe, but here are a few more tips.


Buy Pieces that Can Transcend From Season to Season

Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-11



Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-16


Grab items that could work in four seasons. A vest is a great example. It could work in spring, fall, and winter. Pair the vest with a turtleneck for colder months and a sleeveless top or dress in the spring and summer. This could also work for your favorite dress or skirt.

Think Before You Buy


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-2

Think of what you already own and how that new piece can work with your old.

Ask yourself what do I already own?


Samuel-Robert-by -Peter-hatsi-andover-vest-One -Vest-Three-Ways-PLUS-Amazing-Tips to Maximize-Your Wardrobe-Oohlalablog-4

Will this new blouse work with those trousers hanging in my closet or that skirt folded in my dresser? If it’s a yes, grab it. If you say I can make it work, leave that blouse at the store. Chances are your new purchase will just sit in your closet because you have nothing to pair with it.

I hope these tips help. I would love to hear how you maximize your wardrobe. Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile , shop these stylish vests below.

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