Style Files: How to Match Your Clothes and Still Look Fashion Fabulous

Friday, February 26, 2016 · No Comments

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-womens-long-sleeve-duster-sweater-mossimo-Target-STRIPED-SWEATER DRESS-MOSSIMO-forever-21-grey-fedora-Justfab-NATALKA-over-the-knee-boots-OohLaLaBlog-5

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, ” I like to match.” Matchy-Matchy is a fashion faux pas now days but lately I’ve been coordinating. There’s no shame in my game.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-womens-long-sleeve-duster-sweater-mossimo-Target-STRIPED-SWEATER DRESS-MOSSIMO-forever-21-grey-fedora-Justfab-NATALKA-over-the-knee-boots-OohLaLaBlog-4

I spot a pop of blue in my dress and now I’m reaching for a blue jacket. Before, and I still do majority of the time will grab a different color jacket and it would work. I’m kind of over all these fashion rules. I’m just wearing what I want. Here’s my slightly matchy-matchy look.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-womens-long-sleeve-duster-sweater-mossimo-Target-STRIPED-SWEATER DRESS-MOSSIMO-forever-21-grey-fedora-Justfab-NATALKA-over-the-knee-boots-OohLaLaBlog-6

My striped Mossimo dress was paired with a ribbed navy blue duster cardiganboth from Target’s clearance rack. I teamed my dress and cardi with over the knee boots from Justfab. My grey Forever 21 Fedora capped my look off.

Style-Files-With-Pretty-Price-womens-long-sleeve-duster-sweater-mossimo-Target-STRIPED-SWEATER DRESS-MOSSIMO-forever-21-grey-fedora-Justfab-NATALKA-over-the-knee-boots-OohLaLaBlog-2

Let’s also note this look was under a $100. Another example of staying #OnBudget and #OnTrend.

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