Style Files: I Finally Bought A Pair of Distressed Shorts

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 · No Comments

Style Files-I-Finally- Bought-A -Pair- of- Distressed-Shorts-how-towea-distessed-cut-off-shots-oohlalablog-3

I finally bought a pair of distressed cut off shorts. It only took me a year to convince myself I wasn’t too old or fat to own a pair.

Style Files-I-Finally- Bought-A -Pair- of- Distressed-Shorts-how-towea-distessed-cut-off-shots-oohlalablog-2

Here’s the back story: I tried on a pair of cut off shorts at Target last summer and wasn’t pleased with the look. Standing there in the mirror I was not happy with the look at all. It screamed “Teenage Love Affair,” and I had just turned 30 so I opted for boyfriend shorts instead.

Fast forward to June 2015. I decided for some odd reason to try on another pair of cut off shorts while shopping in Forever 21. I’m glad I did. I was happy with the results. The fit of the Distressed Denim Cutoffs was much better and I didn’t feel fat. The shorts are still extremely short and I have legs for days so I constantly get stares, but so what?

I love the wash of the jeans and the distressed effect. I originally planned on wearing the shorts with a long vest, but I decided to go festival chic for the Rochester Jazz Festival. It was more cute and comfy but you see my effort.

Style Files-I-Finally- Bought-A -Pair- of- Distressed-Shorts-how-towea-distessed-cut-off-shots-oohlalablog-

Ladies of a particularly age group (30 +) were you hesitant about buying a pair of cut off shorts? Tell me in the comments.

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