Style Files: There’s Not Enough Hours In The Day

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Have you ever had one of those days where you’re literally running around all day and you can’t seem to catch a break? It seems this is becoming the norm for me. I feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to juggle my growing life.



I work a very demanding full time job, I manage Ooh La La, I’m dating, and I’m the mommy of the most adorable dog in the world. But balancing it all gets overwhelming, like let me take a sip of wine overwhelming.

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of stress my mommy endured as a single mom of three working three jobs at times. Talk about a trooper.


Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for every opportunity. I asked for it all. I just want to take a breather. And because I asked for each opportunity, I sometimes feel bad for wanting a break.

Instead of continually getting frustrated I’ve been encouraged to come of with a plan to help my priorities things in my life.



Here’s my plan: I will manage my time wisely, say no to some social invites, and designate time for myself. It’s a start and in sure I’ll be adding more to this list.


I hope this works. I’m only 30 and I would hate to feel burnt out before I have my first real child. And here I was contemplating adding a part-time job to the mix. What was I thinking?



Have you ever had a whirlwind day, week, month? Tell me how you’re managing your priorities.

Outfit Details:
Pants: Monteau by way of Marshalls
Top:Victoria Secret
Jacket: Forever 21
Shoes: Michael Kors

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